Dog ID: 22-107

February 9, 2023:

Ivy has been with us for almost 3 weeks.  She has been the perfect addition to our family.  From day one she has made herself at home.  
The first few days were challenging as we were trying to make sure that we put her out when we thought she should go out, so we did have a few accidents.  After those few rough days, we have come to know her signs of when she needs to go out.  We are amazed at how mellow she is.  She sits very well when told to and often when she is not.  We are still working on her jumping up to see what she can find on the cupboards but that is becoming less and less every day.  We are also working on other commands and she seems to have the word “give” down very well.  We got her a soft rubber ball that we thought our 7 year grandson could play with her.  They have become very good friends and she for the most part will give the ball to you when you tell her to give.  She has no fear of our stairs and loves to go for rides. 
I have been taking her to my sister’s office where I help out during tax season.  She is wonderful there.  Most times she is lying under the desk at my feet while I am working.  I walk her over to the park so she can do her business and she does very well with that as well.  She is getting better on a leash.  I am looking to sign her up for some obedience training, maybe not just her but me as well.  
I am so happy that I found GRROW on Facebook and that I applied for adoption.  Ivy has brought so much to our family.  She has filled that void that was left after we lost our last golden about a year ago.  It was definitely meant to be.  

December 20, 2022:

Meet 17-week-old Ivy. She is a beautiful golden pup with all the traits of a healthy playful cuddly dog. She has learned her way around our home. Our resident golden Zak (foster failure) has become her mentor dog. He takes her under his wing teaching her keep-a-way and tug-of-war along with taking turns chasing each other around the house and in the fenced yard. They tire each other out, then rest.

She has learned how to walk with a leash, potty training is going well as we keep her on a potty schedule. She can sleep for 6+ hours overnight in her crate without accident. She is a curious puppy wanting to explore everything. She does tend to like to take ‘human’ items to drag and carry around the house like shoes, boots, and will grab towels off kitchen appliance handles. Just like a puppy. She is very lovable and commands lots of attention. You can’t help yourself to accommodate her as she is all sweetness.

Ivy will soon be ready for her forever home. She will be a delight for any family. She will grow into a beauty