Dog ID: 23-005

February 21, 2023:

Jacob found his castle and he is the prince! He’s very happy.

February 19, 2023:

Jacob was so happy to show off what a happy dog he is and was excited to go to his new forever home. More when he gets settled

Adopted: February 12, 2023

January 15, 2023:

Jacob has not had a lot of human interaction and exposure to the world. On his transport he was very quiet and laid down the entire time. When he got to his foster home he immediately laid down and would not move. However, when he saw another puppy and a 7 -year old Golden …voila! He was so excited to see another dog he got up, went and immediately introduced himself. They all ran and played like old buddies.

Jacob will be a great dog; well, he’s more like a giant teddy bear that is white and wiggly. It is fun to watch him experience things for the first time. He plays well with my dogs and wants to be my lap dog (even when walking). He will walk on a leash. We are going to work on the commands of come, sit and off. He greets people tail wagging and with exuberance. He would make a great dog for a family that has the time to work with him and give him unconditional love. I predict he will be a couch cuddler and crave affection from his people.