Dog ID: 22-011


October 20, 2022:

Jake has been adopted! An update from his new family will be coming soon!
Adopted 6/10/2022

May 23, 2022:

Jake is a 15 month old Doodle that loves life. He is a very happy boy, that loves his humans as well as his doggie brother and sister. He is up to date on all his vetting and ready to find his forever home. He enjoys running and playing in the fenced yard, is improving on his leash skills and has mastered the sit command. He is improving daily on his recall, fetch, and down skills. Jake loves to be wherever you are. He loves to snuggle and is happy inside or out!

April 26, 2022:

Jake has been busy learning many new things. He is treat motivated and loves to please his humans. He enjoys running in the backyard with his doggie friends. Jake will chase the ball but will not always bring it back. He is housebroken, walks pretty well on the leash and is improving with every walk we take. We continue to work on his counter surfing, jumping and barking. He is not fond of the crate. We have left him alone for nearly an hour without incident.

March 27, 2022:

Jake is working hard to catch up on all the skills he is missing. He is very high strung and barking, although improving, is a big concern. He has improved immensely although car doors, people walking by or neighbors in their yards trigger the barking. “Quiet” command is helpful. Counter surfing and jumping continue to be a concern. “Leave it” and “off” are the commands that we are using. He has almost knocked me down numerous times. Waiting at the door instead of charging out is much better. He plays well with the other dogs although humping continues. He shares toys, walks pretty well on the leash and rides nicely in the car. He is skidish around items like the pooper scooper, broom and vacuum.

He loves to be around his humans and enjoys snuggles. He will follow and try to fetch but does not return the ball. He did ok at the groomers but the dryer was an issue.

I will give him his meds at the end of this week. Then 2 weeks until we give the deworming meds again and then a recheck. (When Jake came in he had hookworms.)

February 23, 2022:

Jake had been in foster care for a week and is a very busy fellow. He is adjusting to his new environment and getting to know and play with his foster doggie friends. He begrudgingly took a bath and is awaiting a visit to the vet and groomers.

February 14, 2022:

Jake is new in foster care. More information will follow.