Dog ID: 21-012

December 30, 2021:

Jed/Miles is two!
Although Miles has only been with our family for eight months, it seems like a lifetime. This boy KEEPS US ON OUR TOES. That said, thank you for choosing us to adopt him; he’s perfect for our family!
Something super special his surrendering family gave to Golden Retriever Rescue of Wisconsin (GRRoW) was a photo album with puppy pics of Miles. As you can see, not much has changed in the past two years. Except now he has a BFF sister who he wouldn’t know what to do without.
We love this crazy, sassy boy to pieces, and are taking bets as to when he may start to settle down (my guess is never, lol).

May 7, 2021

We have renamed Jed and he is now Miles and we keep asking ourselves, “how are we so lucky?” Adding Miles to our family has been an absolute joy. We are so in love with him and he fits in perfectly with us. Miles and our other golden play and act as though they have known each other their entire lives. These first three weeks have been full of adventures and we can’t wait for many more.

April 19, 2021

Jed went to his forever home with much fanfare. He was excited to play with his older sister in their big, fenced in yard. He is working on his “walking” skills as his running skills are getting honed by chasing and being chased. Jed takes changes in stride and is a quick learner. He listens well and loves his treats.

April 4, 2021

Getting to know Jed hasn’t taken too long as he is perpetual motion. He loves to grab tissue and paper towels from you when you put them down or aren’t paying attention and will eat them. Carrying around treats and doing fair trade usually takes care of him gulping them down. He now knows not to jump up on the counter and will respond to “down” when we are eating. He loves his five walks a day and needs every one of them in addition to playing in the yard. His nose is on full alert during our walks in the fields and he loves to sight a bird and watch it until it is out of his view. He has been a little rough with our resident golden who does not like to play. If play bows don’t work, Jed figures jumping on him should get him to change his mind. We are able to leave both dogs alone for short periods of time and they both sleep through the night where they want. We do not permit our dogs on the furniture or beds and Jed slept on both at his surrendering owner’s home. He has been a gentleman and stayed off the furniture and we close the bedroom doors if we do not want him to jump up on the bed. He knows “wait” when we feed him and his prior owners did a great job training him with inside manners. Jed is learning to walk/heel on his way to the fenced in field and then he usually stays with us while he runs and romps along the trail. He loves to be brushed and was not too bad when we brushed his teeth. Jed is your typical rambunctious 15 month old, full of excitement at seeing someone and always wanting to play. Jed goes for his vet appointment this week and we don’t expect any surprises so he should be ready to adopt by the end of the month.

April 1, 2021:

Jed settled in quickly and can’t figure out why the resident golden won’t play with him. He went on two long walks after a quiet transport…yes, he loves to ride in the car. He is enjoying the new wide range of toys and has already gutted one stuffed animal. He is curious about his surroundings and will occasionally let out a single bark. He is working on his manners when someone is at the door but otherwise, this cutie is a keeper!