Dog ID: 22-028 | 3 Year old Female | Medium Energy | Good with Dogs

Medium Energy, Good with Dogs

May 3, 2022

From the moment she first laid her big beautiful head in my lap I knew sweet Jessie had a high probability of being a “foster failure”.  Jessie is as kind and loving as they come.  She took immediately to her new home and staked out the prime position on the couch.  She and our two resident dogs took to each other right away.  To our surprise it has been our more timid GRROW dog Beckett who has taken to being Jessie’s shadow.  The two wait at the back door for us when we leave the house.  They sleep across from each other at night and eat side by side at each meal.

Jessie loves to go on walks.  We often joke that “the posse” is coming as our 3 retired breeder dogs lead us down our rural road.  Jessie knows all the locations where the neighborhood squirrels hang out and is always on the lookout for her furry friends.

Jessie took to toys almost immediately.  We quickly discovered her penchant for amputating the appendages off soft dog toys and have replaced those with harder play things and chew toys. 

 Like a typical golden, Jessie acts as if everyone she meets is part of her furever family.   We are so blessed that she adopted us!

March 18, 2022:

Jessie is a very sweet soul who seems to love people. She is acclimating quite well to her new home. Quick moves and sudden noises seem to scare her a bit. Overall she has been adapting very well. She has been on several walks and has done amazingly well on a leash. She gets especially excited when she sees a squirrel. Like a true golden Jessie tends to always have a toy in her mouth and especially loves treats. She is an absolutely delightful dog! More updates to follow