Dog ID: 21-038T

November 8, 2022:

Everything with Joe is going great! He has become a part of our small family and it’s hard to remember what life was like before he joined us! He is the most cuddly, loving, lazy boy we have ever met and he fits perfectly into our lives! He loves going with Jeremy to the fire station and has gained many “fans” both there and in our community. Joe also is loving the trails surrounding our neighborhood that he explores on our long walks every morning and is always on the lookout for rabbits to chase. We love him so much, we are so happy he chose us for his fur-ever home!

September 4, 2022:

Congratulations to Joe….he has found his perfect forever home! Watch for an update and pics with his new family.

June 9, 2022:

Here is a little Pupdate on sweet boy Joe! We have been out and about enjoying the sunshine a lot lately. Joe loves to lay out in the yard and roll around in the grass. Joe and the three resident dogs continue to become better friends. They spend all day together and they all adore each other. Joe has taken a special liking to our corgi Finnley and is learning how to do doggie wrestling. 

We’ve been busy taking long walks to our local Dairy Queen where the four pups split an ice cream cone and having pool parties at doggie daycare where his foster mom works. Joe loves to lounge in the kiddie pool and play in the splash pad with all of his doggie friends. He is really good about giving himself a nap time when he gets tired. At his foster home he continues to try and play with the resident cat and his foster mom has spotted them snuggling on the doggie bed. Joe continues to make progress with having new people visit in the foster home and as long as we keep him in a muzzle or on a leash the first few minutes as he is getting to know a new person everything goes great. 

Joe is such a sweet boy and truly wants to be friends with everyone, he just needs a minute to smell them and meet them calmly so that he can feel safe.

April 15, 2022:

I am so proud of how well Joe is doing! He is the easiest and sweetest boy ever. He loves to play with my three resident dogs and really enjoys his daily walks! He walks very nicely on a leash and enjoys a stop every now and then to have some good sniffs. He is quiet in the house and loves to sleep in his kennel at night. He has spent a night or two on his dog bed in my bedroom and seemed to enjoy that too. He never begs for people food during meal times and will happily chew a bone or nap in his bed while I’m doing chores. He likes to spend time out in the yard just exploring and lounging in the sun and never barks at people who pass by on the sidewalk. He has made HUGE progress with new people coming in to the house. We put him in a different room until our guest is settled and then bring him out to say hello on his leash. This has gone flawless every time and everyone who has come by to visit remarks on what a sweet and loving dog he is. After a minute of sniffing the new person we take the leash off of him and he gets some belly rubs and we have no worries about him with our company. He would do best in a quieter home without kids. However we pass kids in our local park all the time and he always wags his tail and seems interested in interacting with them. Today the unthinkable happened and an off leash German Shepherd was in our local park and charged at Joe barking and out of control while my husband had him on the walk. Joe did not react to this AT ALL! My husband was able to stop the dog long enough for the very embarrassed owners to come and leash it and pull it away. We were SO proud of Joe and how calm and trusting he stayed throughout that interaction. We really think he is ready to find a forever home and as long as his new family is willing to properly introduce him to guests I can’t foresee him causing any trouble. He is truly and wonderful, goofy, loving guy and whoever he ends up with will be lucky to have him. As the weather gets nicer we plan to spend more time outside. I’m hoping to teach him to bike with me but he might be too lazy so I guess we will see 😁

March 7, 2022:

Joe has been working hard in board and train! But look out world because Joe will be looking for his forever home very soon!

He would do best in a home where there is not a lot of people coming and going – someone with a close knit group of friends. We could see him going on walks twice a day – or going on a treadmill for a nice walk each day, and then lounging around in a fenced yard while his owner gardens 🙂 No children – as each new friend that enters the home will be a trigger for him and he will need to be managed until he gets to know them. He should be crated when his family leaves and at night and he should not be allowed on the furniture as this can amplify his belief that his role is to protect the home/his pack.

Joe loves a good belly rub and if you are real lucky you will get to hear him ‘woo woo’. His favorite thing to do is nap but don’t let him fool you – he needs a good amount of exercise to be his happiest self.

November 4, 2021:

Over the last several weeks Joe has been working hard with his support team and has made great progress in several areas. He is learning to trust his people and manage his fears by relying on his people rather than reacting in a negative manner. Indoors, Joe’s favorite activities are napping and getting lots of pets and hugs. Outdoors, Joe loves to hunt for mice (although he’s yet to catch one) in the weeds and tall grass around the edges of our corn fields. Possibly an activity he did while in Turkey. He also loves to run and play outdoors with our golden, Koda, who he has grown quite fond of. Walking Joe on a leash is a pleasure. He will walk at your side on a loose leash for an entire walk with only one or two stops to potty or to check out an irresistible smell. Joe is just a great boy who wants nothing more than to be with a family where he can feel safe and loved.

September 19, 2021:

Joe is a sweet boy who loves attention more than anything and is happiest when he’s getting pets and scratches and most of all…belly rubs. He has made good progress over the last few weeks in his new foster home, and as he gets more and more used to his new surroundings he seems more confident and less afraid of everything around him. He also enjoys playing with our Golden and playing with his favorite toy. Joe walks great on the leash and enjoys his walks and exploring new areas.

We continue to work with a trainer on inconsistent behavior related to fear and anxiety. Joe is a happy, active, loving boy who, thanks to GRRoW, has a great future ahead of him.

July 10, 2021:

Joe recently arrived on an international flight. He loves people and to be petted and is already attached to his new foster family. Joe is showing some signs that he might prefer to be the only dog in the house. He is still learning what it means to potty outside but that will come with some consistency. However, he is just starting to adjust to a brand-new life. More to come.