Dog ID: 21-015

July 31, 2021:

Josie had a wonderful time in foster care and is now on her way to an exciting life in her new forever home. She will get lots of love and attention and have her own fenced in yard to play fetch.

July 16, 2021:

Josie has been with her Foster parents for 4 weeks now. She looks forward to her long walks of two miles twice a day morning and evening uses her harness with very little pulling. We learned she loves picking and eating Black caps off the bushes, loves fresh Green Beans and raw Broccoli. Josie likes her new pool. Josie is very sweet and so much a puppy yet. Her biggest challenge in learning is her jumping so this will need to be continued to work on or have a trainer help as she will be ready to be adopted very soon.

July 1, 2021:

Sweet Beautiful Josie has been with us for two weeks now. She had her vet visit and continues to be introduced to many new sounds , animals, and sites. Loves going for her truck rides and is so good when traveling. She was introduced to a smaller calm older dog whom Josie was just too much for and chased the entire time. No intention to harm, just play.

Josie does basic commands beautifully, sit, shake, stay, and lay down when calm and does not have distractions. We are working on getting her attention with rewards but this has not happened yet. We continue to work on her jumping and pulling hard on leash with her new Harness. Josie gets lots of exercise during the day and a 2 mile walk every night with my husband, Josie gets so excited when he walks in the door from work. She loves the water hose and is getting a small pool this week. We need to get some more toys as her favorite Squeaker Sloth met its end. Josie sleeps so well and is so calm in the morning with no accidents in her crate or house. She loves sitting in her favorite chair outside on her long leed when we are working in our flower and garden beds and is very photogenic. Till next time enjoy these pictures!

June 17, 2021:

Josie is a high energy young golden who gets excited when she sees people but really wants attention. She will need some work on her inside manners and when greeting new folks. Josie is in her foster home and handled the transition well. She rode like a trouper and has been enjoying all the attention.

June 18, 2021:

Josie is on her second full day with her Fosters. She slept in her crate both nights, took a little coaxing but then was so good!
She desperately wants to play with the cats in the separate sunroom where she can see them. The Chill cat has been around Josie several times for shorter periods, let’s just say it’s a good thing he is chill to a point until Josie pushes too far. The first night Josie went on a mile walk down our driveway, the next day she was exhausted from playing with the water sprayer and many walks, playing with her new ball and her crinkly squeaker Sloth which she loves the most. Josie was jumping a lot at first but is decreasing. Her leash pulling has gotten better except when she gets anxious, or excited then she looses all concentration and it’s very difficult to get her back to being calm. She pulls with all her strength until she is back in the house to her safe zone. We are working on her heeling and keeping a shorter hold and this is helping. Working on human going out and in doors first before she does and this is working great! Long lead tie is ok until she looses any site of you then she starts digging. Loves belly rubs, tug of war, follows us everywhere in the house. Very sweet girl, smart, doesn’t like to give up anything unless she brings you the toy and drops it in your lap. Trying to figure out her barking as anything new, cats, or if she isn’t getting attention…if you are talking to someone other than her she will jump and bark at you!