Dog ID: 22-059

December 9, 2022:

Just thought I’d give you a little Juliet update. She’s growing like crazy. She is doing really well on walks. We need to work on recall before she can have freedom at the dog park but I think she’ll be an expert soon enough. She’s decent about actually retrieving when playing. She’s the first of our dogs (who have all been at least part retriever) who naturally does this. Now we just need to teach her to bring her stuffed animals in. She takes one with her every time she goes outside!!

Juliet’s dad got her a firefighter outfit. She accompanies him to the station where she gets tons of love. She also discovered that she LOVES the leaf blower. This has been a very exciting time for her!!

October 4, 2022:

Juliet continues to be amazing. We’ve been working on walking by our side. I’m trying to teach her to be on my left or right while walking. I don’t know that she quite gets it but she loves working on it. She’s also working on laying down. She tends to get to sit and think that’s good enough 😁. Our vet has classes that we will start in November. She and Linda are constantly playing. I am now 100% confident that Linda needed her. We also discovered she can get through the cat doors. Baby gates until she’s a bit bigger!!

September 26, 2022:

The weekend was great. They are figuring things out. Juliet has made herself at home. Linda(dog) has given her a couple quick corrections and Juliet backs away and they both go on with their day. Juliet literally looks up to Linda when they are going outside. It’s pretty sweet. We’ve been working in leash manners. She’s learning to walk on either my right or left (depending on traffic) and she’s picking it up quickly. She’s met all the cats. I think she and Cynthia will be friends. She does seem to prefer the cool floor to the dog beds. She’ll enjoy the coming cool weather. She LOVES digging in the dirt. Gave her a rinse with the hose. She wasn’t a huge fan. The first night she took a little bit of time to settle. She’s in a kennel in the den. (Linda’s in the sunroom). Last night she calmed after a couple minutes and slept 6 hours.

Adoption Date: September 16, 2022

August 22, 2022:

Last night went well! Juliet still whines but she calms herself down faster and today when I went to the vet and doctor I had her tuckered out so she just curled up at the back of the crate and went to sleep before I even left. She is so smart. This morning I got her to follow the sit motion 6 times in a row. I am going to add the word next session and then next week try and get her to follow the action and the command separately. We will also start the name game this week.

We go for a walk or run around our yard or house after each nap time to get some exercise and get her used to the leash. That is going well too. She has very sneaky ways of trying to chew on the furniture so I know she is brilliant…she brings one of her chew toys very close to the couch and then when she thinks I’m not looking she switches to the bottom of the couch. She doesn’t realize I’ve had both dogs and children and am not easily fooled.