Dog ID: 21-035

September 16, 2021:

Kinlee is a gentle, sweet, timid and sassy (when she wants something) golden girl. She fits in beautifully with her brother Dallas (GRRoW rescue) and her Maltese sister (rescue) Daisy. She’s a hoarder of toys, loves riding in the car, going to the dog park and hunting squirrels, rabbits and voles! She loves the boat and the water. So many new experiences and sounds, that she handles well. She is enrolled in her first training class. She adds so much to our family and loves all people and other dogs. We are so grateful to have such a lovely addition to our pack. She is a beautiful golden girl and loved very much!

August 20, 2021:

Kinlee has been enjoying the good life and spending time with her pals. She especially loves her boat rides.

July 28, 2021:

Kinlee has settled in to a routine after two weeks in foster care. She is a wonderful house dog. Her leash skills need a lot of work. She gets along well with the house Golden and a Maltese. She’s a sweet, timid, beautiful Golden. She is scheduled to be spayed Aug.2

July 16, 2021:

Kinlee has been in foster care for 4 days. She is cautious yet curious of her surroundings. Kinlee is a gentle girl that rolls on her back for belly rubs. She is very appropriate and respectful of the resident dogs. Kinlee likes to get on the furniture, but knows the bed is off limits. She sleeps on a dog bed at the foot of the bed. She recently had a litter of puppies and we are working on getting her weight down a bit. She’s a small golden and ideal weight is 55-65lbs. She doesn’t react to thunder, lightning, fireworks, train horn, fighter jets, boat noise! She does like to bark when she hears noises, or wants attention. Kinlee is a sweetheart and is a joy to foster.

July 14, 2021:

Kinlee is in foster care and has adapted well to her new family and golden buddy. She loves to chill with them. Kinlee was a breeder dog but she lived with a family so she does not have much to learn when it comes to the routine of walks, play and family time.