Dog ID: 22-121

March 7, 2023:

To say Logan has been a blessing in our lives is an understatement. He’s SUCH a good puppy, it’s hard to believe he’s only 5 months old sometimes. He’s incredibly smart and so laid back. His human sisters adore him and are constantly playing with him, throwing tennis balls, snuggling, teaching new tricks, and giving treats. His canine sister tolerates him, and will occasionally engage him in a chase and some play if they’re outside with lots of room to run; otherwise she tries to steer clear of him in the house or while on the leash.
Speaking of the leash, walks like a perfect gentleman on his. His directional skills are kind of all over the place, but who can blame him with so many new things to smell!
Potty training is…coming along. Some days are better than others, although the good days are definitely outweighing the bad as of late.
Mr. Logan is completely settled in his new home with his new family. It’s like he’s always been here. He’s scoped out the best places to lay in order to be right in the middle of everything, and he knows the sound of the closet door opening means it’s time to eat! We got him a slow-feeder bowl to slow down his eating and digestion a little bit. Dude thought he was in the world championships for who could finish their meal first!
Logan is the best boy and we absolutely adore him. He was the best Valentine’s Day surprise!

February 15, 2023:

Logan got a great valentine gift—his own family! Watch for an update soon.
Adopted February 14, 2023

January 3, 2023:

Logan is one of those rare puppies who is very chill. He’s still all puppy with shark teeth, potty training challenges and needing a lot of basic obedience training (he is only 12 weeks old & has been ‘in training’ less than 1 week). But he has a very contemplative way of looking at things as if he’s thinking it through. He is easy to redirect when he’s chewing on something he shouldn’t be.

His foster home consists of a human mom and dad – no kids but we don’t anticipate he’d have any troubles with them. He also has two dog brothers, a dog sister, and another female foster dog in the house. He is eager to play with them all, but only the girls, who have both been mommas before, are receptive to him. The boys would basically be grumpy old men. He has some exposure to a cat and he’d like to play with her too, but she’s not really interested either. She is easily able to evade him… he isn’t aggressive with her.

His foster home people completely adore him and we’re confident his furever family and everyone he meets in the future will feel the same. He’s one very special pup.

January 1, 2023:

Logan is a sweet, little lover boy! Watch for updates as we get acquainted.