Dog ID: 22-016

April 25, 2022:

“Oh how we love the new addition to our family!  Lucy has been a wonderful dog for us all.  Lucy and our son are now forever connected.  ❤  We’re forever grateful to the GRRoW organization.

April 15, 2022:

Today is the big day, Lucy is going to her new home and the family is so excited to welcome her. Our first few days were stressful for us both as we started to get to know and trust each other. However, like most Goldens, she soon settled in to our routine and wanted hugs and attention. Long walks, play with her foster and neighbor dog friends helped with her energy levels. Lucy loves to fetch and retreive. We practiced our commands and walking on a leash. She loves car rides but gets very excited. We started using a harness in the car and rides are much more pleasant! (safer too). Lucy is a gem “in the rough” and will be a wonderful addition to the family.

March 30, 2022:

I can’t believe the changes this dog has made since coming here. I would not label her aggressive.. I have had my hand in her bowl with her starting to eat (forgot to put her on a sit/stay) no issue. (however I’m not willing to try putting my hand in there again to test this theory)

I am wondering if the aggression label also comes from her mouthing? I could see where the SO didn’t want her “biting” an 18 month old. She mouths for your hands whether relaxed, playing or excited. I have been working hard to change this behavior but it will take time to cure her of this habit.

Otherwise, she is doing well with any type of separation anxiety. She hasn’t barked and been anxious when I get ready to leave and again, once I come home she is excited, but I just ignore her until she calms and then acknowledge her, less than 5 minutes.

My neighbors have bets on how long it will be before I adopt, and to tell the truth I’ve considered it but just am not ready for another permanent dog at this time. She is a loving dog and will be a great pet for some family.

 March 16, 2022:

Lucy is adjusting to her foster home. Every day she seems to feel more at ease and after her daily walks and play time settles down nicely. She and Truman (her foster golden) are slowly warming towards each other. Not true friends yet, but think it is only a matter of time before they are pals. She loves going for walks, and is excited about having the leash presented to her. We have been working on walking on a leash with out pulling. She’s very smart and has caught on very fast…hardy any tugging now. After we work on our leash, it’s time for fun. We hike the trails off leash (property is fenced so she is safe) and check out all the smells. Afterwards a few minutes of Chuck-it play and we are ready to come in. Lucy whines and paces if she needs to do her business. She’s very smart and knows many commands, sit, stay, down, off, leave it, and come….although we are working on that one. Sometimes she doesn’t want to come! A little chicken treat helps. Lucy does guard her food, so she is fed in a quiet area, and is not disturbed until she is finished. She will take a treat nicely from the hand. We’ll continue to work and build on getting comfortable with new experiences and having fun.