Dog ID: 22-045

September 15, 2022:

Lucy said goodbye to her foster family today and moved on to new adventures with her forever family!

August 11, 2022:

Lucy is an energetic, sweet pup. She loves playing in the yard, chewing on anything and everything including flowers, sticks, bushes, rocks…even the badminton pole. But she is easily redirected with a toy or a ball.

Lucy is learning to walk on a leash and will sit to have her harness put on. She adores our 70-lb. dog and even tries to get sticks and bones from him. They run and chase in the yard even in the rain!

House training is going ok. The only “accident” today was the humans forgetting the schedule. Lucy’s vet appointment went well, and she will get shots next week. She weighed in at 24 lbs.

Crate training is hard as Lucy whines and cries when you first put her in. Fortunately, this doesn’t last long. At night Lucy goes right in and sleeps 6-7 hours. Overall, Lucy is doing well and, like any puppy, is full of life.

August 6, 2022:

Lucy arrived safely at her foster home today. More information to come as we get to know this pretty girl.