Dog ID: 23-003 | 7 Year old Female

March 20, 2023:

Lucy has gone to her forever home after learning how to enjoy life as a golden.

Adopted on March 13, 2023

January 24, 2023:

Lucy has been adjusting very well and picks up some skills quicker than others (again can be some of that stubbornness). She knows to sit and wait patiently as her meal is prepared but takes some convincing to get in the crate to eat it even though that’s how she’s always been fed here.

Lucy is curious about unknown noises such as the wind coming down the chimney but doesn’t startle easily. She is still unsure of the vacuum but has gotten use to the hairdryer. Lucy will just avoid the direction of the object making her uneasy. However sudden movements towards her do cause quite a scare still.

Lucy enjoys laying in the living room in front of the fire. She never winced at the crackling wood. Lucy knows cars take her places and gravitates towards vehicles but it’s still uncertain whether or not she truly enjoys the ride. She just sits wherever she fits even though effort is made to get her on the seat. She does know how to get up on her own but it’s when she decides to or not.

She now uses the doggie door independently and has slept in the living room alone. Lucy finally understands the purpose of a dog bed and now prefers one over the floor.

Lucy prefers to be petted above all else and is not food motivated. She is working on getting in others spaces as she tries to wiggle her way to the front of the line for rubs. Lucy is still challenged by learning to stay and wait until it’s her turn to be loved on.

Another dog would continue to show her the ropes on how to be a dog but Lucy does compete for affection so may be best as an only dog where someone can give her all the love and attention she deserves.

January 17, 2023:

Lucy came not knowing what to think but was trusting enough to take a ride to the unknown foster home. Once we arrived, she refused to get out of the car for quite some time. Lucy slept for the first 24 hours and barley touched her food. She felt more safe in her crate where she stayed most of the weekend. It took a lot of convincing to go outside to potty but even then she wanted to retreat back inside.

Every day she appears to relax more as well as venture out more. We have yet to hear her bark, she doesn’t startle easily but will avoid any unpleasant noises such as the vacuum by walking in the opposite direction. Lucy sleeps all night in her crate without a peep and not one accident. She just aims to please and is in constant smiles as though she knows she is now safe.

Lucy went to the groomer for much needed pampering. The groomer loved Lucy and said she was very sweet and cooperative. Lucy has been watchful of the resident dogs. She finally got the nerve to follow the group around the yard. Lucy has a bit of a shepard herding style by getting in front of you. She is respectful of the pecking order (knowing the 14 lb terrier runs the house). There have been no guarding with space or growling issues with us or the resident dogs. As she comes out of her shell, it is clear Lucy desperately wants lots of affection.

She braved the vet visit and everyone just adored her soft and quiet demeanor. Lucy followed the doctor out for her exam. She does need to lose weight but can’t we all. Once home she felt more confident to check out the rest of the house. She wants to be petted constantly, as though she needs reassurance but will settle down at your feet.

January 15, 2023:

Lucy is very sweet, has yet to bark, and gets along with other female dogs in her space. She loves to be petted and melts when you sweet talk to her. We are anxious to have her be more active to melt off some of her weight but she is not treat motivated and can be stubborn. If she doesn’t want to, she won’t. She will not go far from any center space as is common with a breeder dog. Getting her outside to potty has been a lot of work and then she only goes a few paces from the doorway. Lucy was curious to go outside with the other dogs but only a few steps from the deck then she turns around to go back inside. Given a little more time, we are sure she will begin to feel safe. We have a vet and spay appointment set so this gal can soon find her forever home.