Dog ID: 22-034

December 28, 2022:

Mae’s cancer had spread to her lungs and on December 27th she crossed the bridge. Her foster loved her dearly and gave her a wonderful life while in GRRoW. She is already greatly missed.

November 23, 2022:

Mae continues to bring joy to everyone she meets. She has a great appetite and loves to eat, always attentive to what is happening in the kitchen! She is on a diet high in protein and fat. We add a turmeric paste and a cruciferous veggie grind which were recommended by our holistic veterinarian. Mae’s coat is incredibly soft💕

She had her 6 week follow up visit with the oncologist the end of October, bloodwork looks good 😊 We continue to do our best to make each day special for this sweet girl.

September 6, 2022:

Mae completed her 4th and final chemo treatment this past week. The oncology team gave her the pink scarf signed with well wishes from everyone 💕.

The 2 month follow up with the holistic vet was also this past week. The Dr was pleased with the improvements since Mae’s diet has been changed. She gave us a couple more recipes to add to the mix.

August 17, 2022:

Mae continues to bring joy to everyone she is in contact with. 💕 We have brought her to social gatherings and she is comfortable working her way around to find someone who will share their love and affection.

She is always ready for a new adventure. We have been taking her kayaking and she loves it! Mae watches and listens for all the wildlife along the river and will also lean over the edge to watch the fish.

July 25, 2022:

This little sweetheart continues to amaze us. Mae had her second chemo appointment and all went well. We will be waiting 4 weeks between treatments to give her body an extra week to recover.

She continues to enjoy spending time outside, bike rides and swimming. It’s been quite warm lately so we go to the lake early in the morning. We have a couple of elderly neighbors that enjoy her company and Mae loves the extra attention.

We are grateful for everyday we have with Mae. Thank you to everyone who volunteers, donates and supports GRRoW.

June 29, 2022:

Mae is doing very well. Once her incision healed from the amputation, the next step was for GRRoW to decide how to proceed with her medical care. With input from the oncology specialist and conversations with others who had gone through chemotherapy with their dogs, we decided to move forward with chemo. Her first treatment was 11 days ago, we are fortunate to report that there have not been any side effects . Mae will have three more treatments.

She has a great appetite. We will be visiting a holistic vet this week to make sure she is on the best possible diet for a dog with cancer and going through chemo.

Mae has had a few new adventures the past couple of weeks. Her new ride is a dog wagon that is pulled behind the bicycle. (A gift from her friend Teddy)🐾❤ We take a short ride in the morning and a longer ride in the evenings.

We took her swimming twice this weekend, she LOVES the water! There is a smaller lake with a nice dog beach, the water is clear and we had the beach to ourselves both days:) She enjoys swimming and it’s great exercise so we plan to take her often.

We are doing our best to make each day very special for Mae. She is a joy to care for and we feel fortunate that we are her forever foster home❤

June 15, 2022:

Mae has been designated as a forever foster. The incision from Mae’s amputation is healing well, She will have a progress check with the surgeon later this week Her activity continues to be limited, she is navigating around the house and yard very well. Her personality is amazing, a very gentle and kind soul. She has a couple of toys that she carries around the house, what she desires most is love and attention.

We are very sad to share the unfortunate news from the biopsy results. It is confirmed that she has osteosarcoma. Our focus is keeping her comfortable and making each of her days special. She loves spending time with us in the yard watching the birds and squirrels. Mae is very attentive and doesn’t chase any of the critters. She has a great appetite and enjoys food 🙂

June 2, 2022:

Mae had her back leg amputated due to a cancerous mass that was growing at a very fast rate. Here is the latest update from her foster home:

Mae’s surgery went well. The incision is healing nicely. We applied a cold compress the first few days to help with the swelling. The veterinarian will be contacting us this week with the histopathology report and any further recommendations. She will be seeing the surgeon in about 12 days for a progress check.

We have tried a few different foods and treats to get her interested in eating, and she has some new favorites. It is important for her to rest and have restricted activity during the healing process.

Mae loves spending time outside—we brought her dog bed to the patio this morning and she loved watching the birds and squirrels. Very attentive! 🙂

Thank you all for your support, we will keep you updated on Mae’s recovery.

May 20, 2022:

Mae came into GRRoW with a large mass on her back left knee. She went to visit an oncologist and had a needle aspirate done on the mass to see exactly what was inside.   The results came back inconclusive, Mae will be having her leg amputated next week.  The mass is growing quickly and causes her a lot of pain.  She does not use the leg at this time and navigates well on 3 legs.   

Mae is a super sweet 8 year old Golden Retriever. She spent the first 6 years of her life locked in a kennel. The owner who surrendered her to GRRoW  did so because Mae was knocking over their older golden and was having difficulty navigating on the hardwood floors.  

Mae loves attention and adores anyone who will snuggle with her.  She is a special soul who deserves the very best. Everyone who meets her falls in love with that sweet face 💕

If you would like to contribute to Mae’s medical costs, please click here:

April 30, 2022:

Mae had a lump on her back ankle area that is suspected to be cancer. She will be going to an oncologist early in May to get a definitive diagnosis. Her foster home is totally in love with her. She says she is perfect and totally in love with her. She took her for a groom and afterwards they parked by the lake to do some bird watching. Mae is enjoying life and loves getting spoiled.

April 25, 2022:

Mae has been in foster care for a little over a week. She is extremely sweet and loves attention. We will have more info once the results are back from the vet.

April 22, 2022:

Mae is new to GRRoW. Information to come.