Dog ID: 22-102 | 4 Year old Female


March 3, 2023:

This pretty mama is ready to move on to her new forever home. She has come a long way from the shy/scared breeder mama when she first arrived. Maggie would do best in a home with another stable dog to help her transition. A fenced yard would be ideal and while she walks well on a leash, she has not had much city walking exposure so she may need some help experiencing new sights and sounds (currently living in country). Maggie loves all dogs with proper introductions and while she has not been around cats, she does not appear to have a high prey drive. She shows no interest in getting on furniture and while she will go into a crate, she has only needed to be gated to defined area when Forster mom is gone. Maggie is generally alone 2-4 hours a day but has gone up to 6 hours without accidents. She is invited to sleep in bedroom but chooses to sleep on dog bed in common room and does not need to be confined; sleeping until all get up to start day. Maggiewould do best in home with resident children over 10 that will respect her need for continued assistance in learning how to trust herself in new situations. Maggie would be great in a low to high energy home. She is very smart, a fast learner and very treat motivated. An ideal home for Maggie is a family either experienced with transitioning breeder mamas or one willing to allow this beautiful soul continue to blossom into her best life!

February 19, 2023:

Maggie was recently spayed and recovered quickly. She continues to build trust with humans enjoying the company of her canine foster siblings the most. Recent milestones include taking a treat from my hand, coming inside without hesitation at the door, playing with other dogs in yard, choosing to hang out in family room with all family members and not tensing up with hands on human touching/petting. Maggie loves ALL food/treats, loves to be outside with other dogs and loves toys/bones. She respects a gate and while she can be crated, has not needed to be. Maggie will need another confident dog and a new owner with patience to allow this beautiful girl to continue come out of her shell.

January 3, 2023:

Meet Maggie: a beautiful 3-4 year old breeder mama learning how much fun a dog’s life should be! In the one week I’ve had her she has come a long way from the picture of her cowering in the smallest place possible at the Vet office. Maggie is slowly exploring my house on her terms and while still skittish for a scratch behind the ears, she consistently comes back for more if I stop too soon. She gets along well with my crazy crew of canines and I was told ignored a cat in her first foster home. Maggie only came to me due to foster family emergency. After not eating for 4+ days, I am happy to say enjoys 2 meals a day and is quickly learning our daily routine. She has only had one accident in the house and is working on going in/out off leash into fenced yard with my dogs. I have yet to heard her bark and she sleeps through the night. Maggie will need a fenced in yard and a confident larger canine sibling. She can be crated but I have just contained her with gates when I am gone and she has done well so far. She has become treat motivated and is working on taking them from my hand.