Dog ID: 07-037

July 3, 2021:

Last week Matty went to the rainbow bridge in the loving arms of her adoptive mom. Matty was just a few weeks shy of her 15th birthday and we so hoped she would hit that milestone but her body had other plans. We adopted Matty in 2008 at which time she was 10 months old. To say she was busy as a younger dog could be considered an understatement but as she grew she developed into a wonderful girl who absolutely adored her dad. She had a well-known love of food, any and all food, she was known to take sandwiches right out of your hand, steal cupcakes, and beg and drool over chips; there was no food she wouldn’t eat, it was always noted that you had to watch your plate if Matty was around. We were so blessed to have been chosen as her adoptive family; Matty will be forever loved and deeply missed by her family.