Dog ID: 23-001 | 8 Year old Female | Medium Energy | Good with Dogs | Good with Cats | Good with Children

Medium Energy, Good with Dogs, Good with Cats, Good with Children

February 19, 2023:

Mayble continues to do well. Absolutely loves her walks, she still pulls a bit but is easily redirected. No such thing as a quick walk as she likes to smell every blade of grass. If there is snow on the ground she will be rolling in it. She went to the groomer and did very well. She was very proud of her new Valentine scarf and insisted on wearing it all day. She is becoming more independent but still looks to my golden for direction, esp when going out in the yard.

January 25, 2023:

Mayble Ann is a very sweet girl. She loves long walks and chasing rabbits and squirrels in the yard. Getting better with “sit”; “come” and “stay” is another story. Loves to play in the snow and enjoyed watching me chase her around the yard in my Jammie’s trying to get her back in the house. We are a work in progress. Neck wound is healing nicely. Going to the beauty parlor next week.

January 12, 2023:

We take such a nice walks. She does need some direction but does really well overall. She is settling in beautifully. Slept all night, eating well. Taking her meds. She really is dreamy. More later on this wonderful gal!