Dog ID: 22-040

July 9, 2022:

Meadow has warmed our hearts and is settling into her new home very well. Her foster home has now become Meadow’s forever home….as we have adopted her into our family. Our lifestyle is a combination of work-from-home, retirement, and volunteer work fits well with Meadow’s desire to be close to people. The resident golden, Bailey, and Meadow have become best of friends. Meadow enjoys visits from our extended family and friends by greeting them with her happy wiggles. Meadow has learned our daily routines – even to the point where she comes to us to say ‘it’s time for our evening truck ride and park walk”. She is now doing an amazing ‘sit and wait’ at the top of the porch steps while we walk down first and is a doing great with ‘sit-okay’ at meal time. Meadow loves rides in the country while taking in the breeze and sights with her head out the window. Bailey and Meadow take turns teasing and encouraging each other to play. Play time has become their normal morning routine after ‘rotating’ into the kitchen for breakfast, as Meadow would eat both servings given the opportunity. There have been times when Meadow will take things that are not hers, and occasionally has damaged them. We are taking the approach of ignoring these situations and providing ‘high praise and encouragement’ when Meadow is playing with a toy or brings one to us for attention. This approach seems to be helping, but we will see! We have started leaving Meadow and Bailey alone in the house for short periods of time. This has been going well with Meadow becoming more settled in and waiting patiently for our return. A “Meadow Cam” gives us a bit more comfort to do so. Neither fireworks nor thunder evoke any kind of reaction from Meadow. Meadow LOVES looking out the back door window watching the wildlife pass through the yard. She enjoys people, park walks, playing with her toys and hanging out with her new sister. Overall, Meadow has settled in very well and seems to be a happy little girl. We are enjoying Meadow being a part of our lives!

May 26, 2022:

Meadow arrived at her GRRoW foster home on May 18th with the comfort of her blanket, dishes and toys. Before she arrived, we had picked up existing dog toys to ease the transition with our resident golden whom she met outdoors followed by separate spaces in the house for the first day.

Initially, as both dogs became acquainted, there was some rambunctious play followed by small disagreements. They have become fast friends.

Meadow soon discovered a ‘lost’ ball under a cabinet, pleasing her immensely! We decided to bring out three of each of their toys, which went very well, as they proceeded to trade toys back and forth.

Meadow enjoys scritches, toys, truck rides and walks in the park. She walks well on a lease, but will pull hard if she sees a squirrel or a deer.  She LOVES people, greets visitors like they are long lost friends and wants to be near us in the house. Looking out the back kitchen door for wildlife has become a favorite pastime for her.

She is very well potty trained (no accidents) and knows her basic commands. We are working on adding ‘wait’ and ‘okay’ to her existing ‘sit’ at mealtime. She is very smart, observant and catches on quickly. Even though Meadow has not been left alone, she managed to sneak a pillow, book and a keepsake bear off the furniture. Other than these situations, she has not gone up on any furniture. There is certainly some ‘puppy’ left in this enthusiastic 2-year old!

Meadow’s GRRoW veterinarian appointment was last Friday and she received a clean bill of health, with the exception of a slight left ear infection which is already on the heal with topical medication.

Meadow has exhibited some separation anxiety (barking, scratching at the door) when “foster dad” leaves in the morning even though “foster mom” remains working from home.  That seems to be diminishing in duration and intensity with each day.

 She is adorable!!!

May 18, 2022:

Meadow came to GRRoW on short notice and passed her assessment with flying colors. She is settling in at her foster home and is anxious to tell you more about her transition in the next few days.