Dog ID: 22-046

October 22, 2022:

Merlin has found his forever family! We look forward to hearing about his future adventures!

October 14, 2022:

It’s been a busy several weeks for Merlin. He finally mastered going up and down all the sets of stairs in the house and on the deck. We had some issues with him refusing to go on walks by just laying on the sidewalk, but we had a trainer come to the house who gave us a lot of great tips to use. He walks like a champ now, but we still need to work on him not crossing over and wrapping his leash around our legs. Merlin is very sensitive to noises and on Tuesdays the sound of the trash/recycle trucks really bothers him, and he doesn’t like going outside, but each week he is improving and getting more accustomed to the noise.

Merlin just graduated from his first puppy class and starts Intermediate Puppy Class soon. In puppy class Merlin did really well despite his sight challenges. He’s mostly mastered sit and down, but stay and come are still challenges. In puppy class Merlin had a blast playing with the other puppies and he was well-behaved.

More on the adventures of Merlin soon!

September 15, 2022:

Merlin is 5-½ months old and came to us on Friday, September 2. Merlin was previously at another very loving foster home and in his time with us he has already learned and accomplished so much. He had an ophthalmology consult at the UW Vet Clinic to determine the reason for his blindness and it turns out that Merlin’s optic nerves didn’t form in utero, and as a result he has limited vision in both eyes. But Merlin’s limited sight does not slow him down at all. In his short time with us he has conquered going downstairs with confidence, walking on a leash, and perfectly mapping our house so that he doesn’t bump into walls or furniture. He has also met so many neighbors and done well socializing. Merlin has begun puppy obedience classes and loves being around other puppies as he learns basic commands. He will also have private session with a trainer who can help us with training a puppy with limited sight. Merlin is a funny, loving, amazing doggie that loves his home, his toys, and everyone he meets.

August 12, 2022:

Merlin is a wonderful young golden puppy ready to find his furever home. Merlin is a special guy in that he only has a little bit of sight in one of his eyes. There’s nothing else to indicate more serious disease as he moves around and navigates the world just fine. Every day he learns more and more about his surroundings and adapts well to new environments. He’s great at following the sound of our voices and uses his limited sight to help him figure out where he’s going. He follows us everywhere around the farm and is a great buddy to have around. His future home will continue to help him navigate the world and be rewarded with a wonderful companion.

Merlin plays well with our other dogs, loves adults, and kids, and loves the cat quite a bit more than the cat likes him. That said, he’s gentle with everyone. He loves to chew on bones and play with toys while sitting on the couch with you. He’s been a joy to have as part of our golden pack during his foster journey!

July 24, 2022:

Welcome to Merlin! This sweet boy just joined the GRRoW family. More information coming soon.