Dog ID: 22-149 | 7 Year old Female/Spayed | Medium Energy Medical Notes: large tumors on both sides of her rib cage

Medium Energy

March 6, 2023:

Mia has SO much energy! She is recovering well after surgery and, if we would let her, she would be ready to run! For now, while she recovers, we are just walking her in the back yard and trying to keep her calm. Mia is very affectionate and wants to be near her caregivers at all times. She is enthusiastic about toys, food, and being pet. She does have a tendency to steal a shoe and bring it with her if she feels like we are not paying enough attention to her. (Her favorite object seems to be my left slipper, for some reason). She doesn’t chew on it, just sneaks away. We have gotten bitter apple spray and have sprayed it on our shoes to try and deter this behavior.

Attached is a picture of Mia wearing her very stylish protective donut ❤️

February 5, 2023:

Mia is currently on medical hold!

From Mia’s foster mom:

Mia is a very good girl in the house. She attaches easily to her caregiver. She follows me around the house and is happy to lay by my feet. She is a dainty eater and drinker and takes treats very gently. She is respectful of gates and boundaries. She likes her stuffed squeaky toys and occasionally chewing on a bone.

I have been able to leave her alone for short periods of time without any problems. She goes in and out of her crate comfortably and uses it as a safe place. She sleeps well through the night but wakens in the morning with a zest for life. Mia was used to a country environment and needs some work on appropriate behaviors while walking on a leash. It would be great for her to have a fenced yard where she can get out and do her zoomies in the morning. That would make leash training her much easier.

When Mia first came into GRRoW, she was quite withdrawn and could barely walk due to the large masses on both sides of her body. She handled her first surgery quite well and is fully recovered. The mass was benign and she will soon be ready for the next surgery. After having a 7 ½ pound weight removed, she feels like a new dog! She has come out of her shell and wants to embrace life with vigor. She wants to run again! For a 7 yr old dog, she is very strong and still has a lot of energy. It will be amazing to see how great she will feel when the second mass is removed!

January 8, 2023:

Mia came into foster care on January 4. She had been surrendered to a humane society, who contacted GRRoW because she needed some medical attention ASAP. A surgery consult was scheduled and the tumor on her right side measured 20cm, the one on the left 16cm. We are so grateful for the surgical team for making the time to take Mia the following day. They removed a mass that weighed 7.3 pounds! We are waiting for the results of the tissue samples, hoping the mass was benign. Mia is taking pain meds and sedatives at this time. Limited activity is very important for the healing process. A second surgery will be needed to remove the mass on the left side. Mia has a very sweet personality. Loves to carry toys or shoes, but doesn’t chew or destroy. She loves belly rubs and likes to have you snuggle with her on the floor. Life will be quiet for her the next couple of weeks, looking forward to learning more about her.