Dog ID: 22-072

November 27, 2022:

Mitch, now also known as Mitch- A-Roo,  thanks to my granddaughters, came to live with Maya Blue and I on 11/20/22. He is a laid back, sweet, boy who is so good for my other dog Maya who is 13. He follows her around and knows she always goes first!
Wednesday night, when I was mixing up my stuffing for Thanksgiving, he decided to pull my salad off the table for a snack. He had to take a time-out after that. He is still learning the house rules of course. Maya and Mitch are quickly becoming friends, as they have started napping together in Maya’s orthopedic bed! Thank you GRRoW!

Adopted November 20, 2022

October 5, 2022:

Say Hello to Mitch,  22-072!
Mitch has been in his foster home for a week already and is settling in. Mitch has left the breeder life behind and is ready to be spoiled with the family life and the comforts of a home. He is a laid-back, quiet, mosey-around-the-yard kind of gentleman, who loves to fetch balls and the kong. He loves all people and gets along well with the resident dogs. He is crate-trained with no accidents. He is working on his “marking” and his recent neutering should help greatly with this. Foster mom plans to get him used to belly banding for his new home until all those hormones are out of his system. He is just plain wonderful. More updates to come!

October 3, 2022: 

Mitch has not had any accidents in his crate. He’s a very good boy and has been a very polite house guest. Right now he is learning how to enjoy other dogs in the house. More later when we get to know him better and after his neutering which is scheduled next week.