Dog ID: 21-032C

July 13, 2021:

Moira, now known as “Tillie” has been adopted and is in her new home. Her family had this to say about her. “ Tillie is fitting into our family wonderfully! She has acclimated to our home and to her crate beautifully. She has had two accidents in the house and chewed on a piece of carpeting, but that is manageable. We would love to take her to the lake to see if she enjoys water, but we are holding off on that for now. Stay tuned!

June 10, 2021:

Hi everyone! My name is Moira and I was born in China. I had a long flight last week and now I’m in my foster home here in Wisconsin! I’m about 3 years old but still feel like a pup! I love being here, even though I need to stay in a separate room right now for a few more days. That’s hard, but soon I know I will be able to play with the dogs that live here and I can’t wait for that day! My favorite time is when my foster mom takes me into the big fenced yard alone and plays fetch the ball with me, I love that!! I hope my new family has lots of those ball things. I needed a good bath because my foster mom said “ you stink” but she was smiling so I guess it couldn’t have been that bad! My foster mom got right in the tub with me that crazy lady! But I love water and really enjoyed getting all scrubbed down. And know what? I haven’t had any accidents in the house so far! My foster mom tells me I’m a really good girl and very beautiful too, it makes me feel good when she says those things to me. Well gotta go, it’s time for fetch the ball! See everyone again soon! Oh and by the way, wanted to bark “thank you” to all the generous volunteers at GRRoW who brought me here. I know it wasn’t easy! But I’m so very glad you did it!
Love, Moira xxx ooo