Dog ID: 22-030

January 8, 2023:

Mo is adjusting well and loves Ruby as his playmate. We are still working on some behavior issues. He is so very sweet and we just love him. Thanks so much for bringing him to us!

Adoption Date: December 20, 2023

November 25, 2022: 

Mo is almost done with board & train and he has gained so much more focus since the start of his program and he really enjoys the work. His basic commands are coming along very well and he loves to sit and down. The trainers have worked hard on his mouthing and jumping and he has gotten so much better. When he first started the program he did not seem to understand personal space at all and we are all very pleased with the progress he has made in this area. He has learned that when he is facing a human he should back up and sit to give some healthy personal space. We’ve been practicing this now with different people and he is doing great. He’s learned that to get what he wants he should sit down, relax, and make eye contact with his humans. We’ve been practicing lots of hand feeding with him so that he can learn to relax for high value items. His manners are coming along very nicely and he is walking nicely on a loose leash.

He is now ready for his forever home! We feel that the most important thing that he will need from a forever home is someone willing to provide him good structure, exercise, and continue mentally engaging him. That would look like continuing to teach him obedience tricks, dog sports like agility, fetch or Frisbee etc. We could even see him being a good fit for a single adult home as well as long as the owner is willing to spend time enriching him. He has a lot of healthy energy and finding some type of purpose he can fulfill will help him be his happiest self. He is also treadmill trained and we would love to see him go to a family who are willing to continue that with him as well.

His trainers tell us that Mo is a sweet, playful, goofy boy and he keeps us all smiling any time we work with him.

November 8, 2022:

Mojito is currently in a board & train working on some manners, like not jumping up on people. Mo has been making great progress! He’s thriving off of all of the one-on-one attention he gets from his trainers. Well-structured exercise has also been a really big help for this boy to work out some of his extra energy.

When he first arrived at the board & train, he had a hard time calming down enough to pay attention and learn, but he’s already been getting much better with this. He’s been working on learning and responding to some of the basic obedience commands, practicing good manners, walking nicely with a loose leash, and feeling calm in his kennel. He’s had some good social interaction with other dogs and is a very playful boy.

From his trainers: We still want to help him slow down a little, but overall, we are really happy with his progress. He’s a sweet, playful, goofy boy who keeps us all smiling whenever we work with him.

August 26, 2022:

Mojito has had a busy week celebrating his very first birthday on 8/24! He’s really come into his own over the last month. His mouthing behaviors and counter surfing are becoming less and less over time with consistency and redirection. He gets very excited to meet new people and we are working on polite greetings. Mojito gets along very well with other dogs, including the resident golden retriever puppy. He is not protective of his food dish or bones. He takes treats very nicely and we are working on reinforcing the commands he knows with adding in distractions (ie: being outside on a walk). He continues to be quite active and enjoys being able to run around with other dogs in the yard. He definitely demonstrates the saying of “a tired dog is a good dog.” Despite being 71 pounds, he has started to think he is a lap dog and enjoys cuddle time on the couch. We are rarely using the crate at this time, unless he is alone for more than 5 hours. He continues to look for his fur-ever home and would love to find a family willing to continue to work on manners and basic obedience. He would do best with kids over 10, no cats, and a similar sized doggy playmate. He does need space to run so a fenced in yard would be ideal, but not required as long as he is able to get adequate exercise.

June 2, 2022:

Mojito continues to learn new stuff every day and we are working together to make him the best dog. Today, he learned how to open the screened front door and I learned how to lock my screened front door! Mojito was neutered on 5/25 and is recovering well. It was a challenge trying to get him to rest because he is still very much a puppy and wants to play. He has been learning to play appropriately with other dogs and has done well with meeting new dogs. He is very playful but responds well to corrections from other dogs when he acts out of line. He loves to run, chase, and play rough with other big dogs. Mojito continues to do well with basic obedience commands. He is pretty consistent when offered treats so we are now working on doing commands with intermittent reinforcement and paying attention to me when we are outside the house. He can be distractible when we are outside and on walks so learning to focus on his human is going to be a very important part of his continued training.

May 25, 2022:

A fun litttle update on Mojito (22-030)! This boy has come such a long way in the last 2-1/2 weeks. From not knowing his name to now knowing sit, lay down, high-5, drop it, leave it, and look! He’s going to make a very good dog for the right family. 😍

May 17, 2022:

Mojito is doing really well with potty training and easily goes 3-4 hours between potty breaks. He’s doing quite well on a leash and responds to “leave it” and “drop it” consistently when we are out on walks. There is some pulling, especially when seeing other people or dogs. He has started pretty consistently responding to his name. He knows “sit,” “look,” and we are working on “lay down.” His recall is more of a challenge. Mojito continues to have some puppy mouthing behaviors but these are also a clue that he needs something, whether that be a potty break or some exercise. He rests nicely while I work, but continues to be vocal about seeing people outside. He has done well with other dogs but will play rough and sometimes doesn’t know when to take a break. He lays really awkwardly (see photo) and I often joke that he was assembled incorrectly!

May 10, 2022

Nine-month old Mojito has certainly come into his own this last week.  He has nailed potty training, learned there is a routine to the day, and it is wonderful how he sleeps a full night in his crate and has to be woken up in the morning.  He loves playing with another dog and is getting so much better on his leash walks.  He just can’t help himself and wants to sniff everything!  We are working on his need to eat sticks, bark, and sometimes clumps of grass.  He is beginning to listen well and will most often respond to his name and to “come” and “no.”  He likes to stay around the house when outside and will often just sit and watch what is going on.  Since he is a Maremann/golden mix that is bred for guarding livestock, that makes sense.  He is often mistaken for an English cream and has the softest coat that does not seem to shed.  At 55 pounds, he seems to be fully grown.

May 1, 2022:

Mojito is a big boy for 8 months old and is bordering on 55 lbs.  He is part golden and part Maremann, a breed that guards livestock.  He is doing quite well with potty training if he can go outside when he gets up from resting or after play if he is outside and before coming in the house.  He plays hard in the morning and afternoon with the resident golden and then will rest for a bit in the afternoon and before dinner.  He has the softest coat and we really don’t see that he sheds at all.  While he is still learning his name, he does respond to “NO” when he picks up sticks and leaves to eat or when he starts to dig.  His gait is more of a loping than a run but he is quite fast running when he wants to chase something.  He loves sniffing the ground and looks like he is searching for truffles.  Mojito is mouthy but not aggressive and is usually willing to share his toys with others.  He will go into his crate willingly and will sleep throughout the night in the crate.  He has a touch of separation anxiety and wants to be able to see his human and will gravitate to the room where he/she is residing.  Mojito will be ready for adoption in another week.

April 24, 2022:

Mojito came to us yesterday after a long travel day. He stayed overnight with some new friends and then got chauffeured to his new foster home. He is learning to use his inside voice as well as share toys. He has had lots of walks but prefers to run. He has a beautiful coat that is fluffy soft. Mojito does not seem to understand commands in either English or Spanish so we are using English and signing. He is tolerating the crate and knows that after a long time outside playing there is quiet time.