Dog ID: 21-046

December 17, 2021:

December 1st is GOTCHA DAY. Mollie got our hearts and our last name. Mollie has become one ot the three dogs that show up when the food bowls come out, one of the three who line up when coming in and needing their paws wiped, and one of the three who has her own bed on the floor next to mine. No longer is Mollie exempt from paw trims, and most of all Mollie now gets to wrestle and play with her dad every day before he goes to work. Mollie has been added to the Christmas card. She told Santa Claus where she lives, and that she needed more toys to share with her brother and sister.

I think Mollie already received her number 1 wish!

December 4, 2021:

Mollie has found her forever home!

September 24, 2021:

Mollie continues to adapt to her foster family. She has bonded with the two other dogs in her foster home and loves sharing toys and playing with them. Her favorite activity, however, is still curling up on the couch to watch TV.

Mollie has shown sensitivity to both loud sounds and bright light. She is on medication for her anxiety, but foster mom has struggled getting her to go outside when there are loud noises such as the neighbor’s lawn mower or when it is very bright outside. As a result, there have been a few accidents in the garage. We will be scheduling an appointment with an ophthalmologist to try and determine the underlying cause of her light sensitivity.

Mollie was scheduled to be spayed, but unfortunately, she came into heat and her surgery has been postponed until November.

Mollie continues on her journey to become healthy and ready to find her forever home.

August 16, 2021:

Mollie has made wonderful progress in the last three weeks. She has abandoned her ‘safe place’ in the sewing room to join the rest of the family in the main living area. She has been introduced to the two resident dogs, a senior black lab, and a younger, and more energetic female golden. She bonded with the lab almost immediately. It took a little more effort with the younger Golden. There have been a few verbal warnings from Mollie about who should get the seat next to Mom or Dad. But they seem to be working things out as Mollie finds her place in the new household. One positive sign is that they all eat together in the kitchen without altercation.

There has been one unexpected development. Mollie is fascinated by the TV and goes absolutely wild when any dogs show up in a program or commercial. Mom and Dad will need to do some training and control her television privileges.

Mollie is sensitive to sound. When the neighbor decided to power wash his deck with some very noisy equipment, Mollie refused to go outside for the rest of the day, resulting in a few accidents in the house. She recovered the next day, but we need to talk with the vet about the best way to help her with her noise anxiety. Other than that and an ear infection that will be treated, Mollie seems pretty healthy and we can schedule her spay surgery.

July 28, 2021:

Mollie is a retired breeder dog. Although these dogs often come to us fearful, Mollie seems determined to set a record for adjusting to her new environment. She’s already forming a wonderful relationship with her foster mom and dad. When mom calls to her in her safe place, Mollie peeks around the corner, and starts wagging her tail a mile a minute in anticipation of being petted. Foster mom calls her a ‘wiggle worm’. Outside she prefers to stick close to mom or dad as the yard is still looking a bit big and intimidating. She will wander off on her long line, but then run back to mom for reassurance. There are a lot of new adventures coming for this sweet girl, but I feel confident she will rise to the challenge.