Dog ID: 21-040

August 27, 2021:

As we wait for Miss Molly’s vet appointment, we continue to make assessments to determine the ideal forever home for her. She seems to enjoy the rural life where visitors are not plentiful & her animal pack remains consistent. Due to limited cat exposure in her previous home (& cats having such varied personalities), she’s meeting more cats. She still meets new dogs a bit growly but meeting with both dogs on leashes has proven to be successful & in short order, the growling is over. As I write this now, she’s snuggled up with me on the couch…such a sweetheart

August 17, 2021:

Molly has been with us for nearly four weeks. She is adjusting well and we expect her to be ready for her furever home once she sees the vet to get caught up on vaccinations and a routine check (currently scheduled for early September). She is a complete sweetheart and gives her heart to her person. She interacts respectfully with the horses (the really large dogs). She tries to play with the cats but is not harmful to them…if they run, she does chase them but only in play…when they stop, so does she. She is living with a 5 yr old and an 11 yr old neutered male Goldens and co-exists well with them with a small exception of play time…she desperately wants to play with them but doesn’t like to lose games of tug so the 5 yr old has resorted to avoiding that with her. She likes the chase game too but he’s not into letting her catch him and is less inclined to run than she’d like. The 11 yr old mostly ignores her and she doesn’t exert much effort in engaging him in play. Introductions to new dogs usually involves some initial growling but she does recover quickly and then no issues. New people receive a similar but less intimidating welcome. We think this behavior is more a confidence/fear issue than it is an aggression issue and hope that more exposure to new dogs and new people will help her build her confidence. She’s had some time with kids (9, 7, & 5) and they all loved her and she loved having them visit.

She LOVES to swim and will even dive for rocks…striving to find the exact one you threw. She’s happy to chase sticks and balls but is not obsessed with either. She has proven to be a great cuddler when foster mom needed to lay low for several days. She doesn’t always sleep on the bed but will take advantage of a king-sized bed with only one person in it. She is really a sweet girl and we will miss her.

July 27, 2021:

Molly (Miss Molly) arrived in foster care on July 22nd. She immediately settled in & is experiencing life on a farm. She’s met the horses, the barn cats, & the two resident Goldens (5 yr old & 11 yr old males). She has no previous known cat interaction, but she is doing well with them – curious & seems to want to play with them but respectful. She’s already been swimming in the pond & just loves it…dunking her head under water too. She’s been a busy little girl & has been boldly learning new things. She is a very sweet girl with medium to low energy. Stay tuned as we learn more about Miss Molly.