Dog ID: 21-034

March 17, 2022:

Moses went to the rainbow bridge on March 17, 2022

January 27, 2022:

Moses is nearly 13 1/2 years old and doing well for his age. He is sweet and loving, and has settled into being a pampered house dog. He continues to struggle with his back legs. They are weak and cause him to fall whenever his footing is unsure. But, he gets back up and continues on his way. He seems to be always smiling.

November 22, 2021:

Moses, the delightful, has been doing great! He has settled into his new home and neighborhood very well. He enjoys routines (although, not the time change) and seems to have an accurate clock in his brain! He has his neighbor friends, particularly, the toddler who lives next door. He protects the little guy with his body, sometimes preventing him from toddling around!

Since coming to GRRoW, Moses has become healthier. His coat is now silky. His various chronic problems have been resolved. His anxiety is well controlled. He acts delighted in life, and we are all delighted by him in our lives.

October 26, 2021:

Moses is the most adorable old man on the block. He “mosies” around, greeting all with his happy smile. Being outside is his favorite activity, and being with his special people are what he looks forward to doing.

September 21, 2021:

Moses has moved to a new home: the Shady Rest Home. He is in the twilight of his years and is enjoying all sorts of special attention. He is the darling of the neighbors, in addition to his foster mom.

Moses’ back legs have been collapsing while walking. The vet determined he has old dog problems: bulging disc, arthritis, and scarring of his back knees (CL). All of these have led to leg weakness. But, he was started on medications and is doing so very much better. He moves with more ease.

July 25, 2021:

Moses is in his new foster home. Hopefully one he cannot escape from. So far he has not. He tends to want to wander. Moses is a wonderful old man. He loves to be brushed and petted. He is always around me even when there are other dogs in the way. He will wiggle his way in somehow. He has been doing very well. He gets around amazingly well for a 13 year old. His favorite thing to do is go outside of the fenced in yard and wander around. He has no issue getting around our large yard. He likes to sniff everything. I believe that is what got him into trouble in his last foster home. He also likes to eat chicken poo….yuck. With the heat, he prefers to be inside where the air conditioning is. I have not been able to convince him to go into our pool…..yet. He did go to the vet and his urine came back without protein or glucose. I figured it would with the amount of water he consumes. Blood work is pending.

July 3, 2021:

His name is Moses but most of the time his foster mom calls him Moose. He is always right where I want to step next and it’s like trying to move a moose. He is a happy, loving bundle of hair. He and resident dog Betty are mutually tolerant but there is no resource guarding. Moose has not figured out the steep back stairs yet so he is sleeping on the dog bed in the kitchen. Betty does come upstairs for her dog bed. She refuses to sleep in a human bed. I got quite a kick out of Moose yesterday. I went In the den to take a nap. The den has really old short shag carpet. Moose decided it was a blanket and tried his best to move it around. He was quite a sight pawing and digging at the rug. When he gave up it was with a deep sigh. I am so happy to be fostering this big oaf!