Dog ID: 16-041 PR

September 1, 2022:

Yesterday August 31st my sweet big loveable Golden, Olaf from the streets of Puerto Pico has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Olaf was loved by all who meet him. He was an ambassador for GRRoW at Petco. On Saturdays, he enjoyed greeting many of his adoring fans. In fact, when it was time to go home I was often meet with much resistance. GRRoW used to sell The Boston Store Community Coupon Books in 2016 when Olaf first arrived here in the States. He couldn’t wait to get into the car. After all, you know once again, he was going to meet his fans but more importantly, he would get to see Annie and Molly! Olaf was a great foster brother too. He was always so patient, especially with the puppies. Morning walks were one of our favorite activities. For Olaf, there is nothing better than rolling in the dew and getting all wet! Of course, you know, this made for a perfect way start to the day. Olaf did home visits for GRRoW. There was one family, I thought he was going to adopt them!! Not surprisingly, they also fell in love with him too. There are many Goldens that don’t like going to the veterinarian’s office. Not Olaf. He couldn’t wait to get kisses from Dr. Sue and her Vet Techs! My dear sweet boy you will be missed beyond belief but I know we will see each other again. Run free! Visit with your old friends, Molly and Annie, and make new ones too. I love you dearly. Mom