Dog ID: 21-042

August 6, 2022:

Baby Oscar is all grown up now! Oscar came into GRRoW last summer as part of a multi-dog and puppy rescue. He was adopted in September to an active and very loving family. He enjoys camping, trail walks, playing with the cat and plucking cherry tomatoes from the garden. Oscar is a happy, healthy and handsome boy and still has those beautiful eyes.

November 5, 2021:

It’s hard to believe Oscar has been with us for just two months! We hit the jackpot with Oscar and couldn’t feel luckier or more joyful that he chose us. He’s such a welcome addition to our family and makes our new house a home. He loves to go on trail walks, play with other dogs and say hello to everyone he meets. He’s such a friendly, sweet and smart boy. We’re so thankful to GRROW for allowing us such an amazing gift. We love our Oscar so so much!!!

September 3, 2021:

Oscar is being adopted today! He is going to a very loving home with people who are excited and THRILLED to expand their family and spoil him to pieces. They are thankful and grateful to the caring people at GRRoW for the extraordinary gift.

August 16, 2021:

Oscar moved to a new foster home. He has adjusted well to his new digs, already climbing up and down stairs, walking the neighborhood loop and following his foster mom and dad everywhere. He is a great dog – outgoing, friendly and cuddly. His potty training is coming along well and hopefully soon there will be fewer accidents. He got all of his shots at the Vet and didn’t seem to mind – he was his mellow, lovable self through the whole process. He has been trying to get the resident dog to play but she isn’t having much of it. Oscar will need a family that has time for an active puppy, but the rewards will be great. He is a wonderful dog.

No sooner was this message written and the resident dog has agreed to play! They wrestle and tumble around, looking so cute together.

July 27, 2021:

Oscar is with his foster family. He is an adorable little guy who loves every person he’s met so far including men, women and teenage boys. Oscar does well with the resident dog and is very good at respecting his body language. He wants to play with the resident cats but when they tell him no, he listens. Oscar is very smart too and is already responding to training. He even scratched at the door to the yard when he had to potty.

Oscar absolutely charmed everyone at his vet visit. He was a perfect gentleman for his ear swab and nail trim. What a good boy!