Dog ID: 21-047

August 18, 2022:

Puppy Paisley is all grown up! She came into GRRoW last summer as part of a multiple dog and puppy rescue. She was so small, she could almost fit into your hand. It was a tough start for her with intestinal and UTI problems. But look at her now! Paisley lives with her sister and best friend Sydney, one of GRRoW’s rescues from China. The girls enjoy long walks at community parks and around the neighborhood. Her other activities include running really fast, wrestling with dogs, eating, carrying toys around and snuggling. This summer, we opened our home to two of GRRoW’s fosters and Paisley reluctantly learned to share her toys. She just graduated from Real Life Rover class where we all got a refresher and Paisley got some special time, all focused on her. We are grateful to GRRoW for bringing these dogs into our lives. Best thing ever!

October 25, 2021:

Paisley, aka Pais, Paisels, The Paisenator. Paisley and her canine brother run zoomies together and do lots of wrestling. Paisley graduated from Puppy Einstein class and she was he smartest and best looking puppy, of course! We continue to monitor her health but as of now she is pure gold!

Paisley loves her new home and her canine brother. She flew through puppy classes and is getting the hang of power walks. She is finally filling out and starting to fill in those large paws.

September 17, 2021:

Paisley has been in our foster home for about two weeks. She received some follow-up veterinary care. She has been treated for two serious intestinal issues. Now that she is feeling a little bit better, the energetic Paisley has emerged. She wants to chew constantly, and we have to stop her from chewing on our rugs and furniture. She is learning that nipping fingers and pulling on clothing is not acceptable. She pulled a blanket off our couch and ran away with it. Paisley requires no less than two decent walks each day to burn the energy. At first, she was way too nippy with the resident dog who issued stern corrections. Now they seem to have it figured out and tumble about the living room or fenced yard. Paisley is eating like a champ (very food motivated) and has had a significant growth spurt. Our once tiny Paisley is becoming all legs and has gained weight. While we previously expected Paisleyto be on the small side, now I’m not so sure…

Paisley has especially attached herself to me and she follows me everywhere. She loves car rides and exploring new places and things. She watches the resident dog for cues on what to do, including chasing chipmunks. She has gone several days now without potty accidents.

Paisley is a very pretty girl. She has beautiful markings. Adoption to a family with the time and energy to devote to her is a must.

Vibrant, resilient, adorable, energetic, whiney, friendly, curious, cautious, playful, chewer, wiggly, sassy, comical, instigator, ridiculous, demanding, beautiful, sweet.”

August 29, 2021:

Paisley had a ruff day today. Her foster sister Edna went to her furever home. Paisley is still waiting for a family that loves to cuddle. She also desires an older fur sibling. I am the small one in this picture.

August 24, 2021:

Paisley is a one of a kind puppy. She has little spurts of play energy but for the most part she likes to observe her surroundings and cuddle with others.
Now that Paisley is feeling better she is doing better with potty training. She hasn’t had an accident at night in her kennel in over a week. The last few nights she hasn’t gotten up until 5 am! 😀 Paisley has entered another request for her adoptive family. Paisley doesn’t like to be left alone. She enjoys cuddling up with her foster sister at night. Paisleywould like a fur brother or sister. She promises to play nice with them and respect their boundaries.
Paisley is looking forward to meeting her forever family and learning their routine. She will be a great addition!

August 12, 2021:

As the days go by Paisley is beginning to show more sass. Although, Paisley is only 7 pounds she is able to advocate for herself. is who is. She enjoys playing with her foster dog sister (who is double her size) but doesn’t have as much stamina. When she is done playing she lets her foster sister know by barking.

Today we got our nails trimmed. Paisley did fantastic! As we waited for her foster sister all Paisley wanted to do is snuggle.

Paisley has insisted that her adoptive family must be good cuddlers.

August 7, 2021:

Paisley is making herself at home. Her new favorite spot is under the side table next to her foster mom. Her favorite treat is air popped popcorn. As time goes on Paisley has gotten better at walking but it isn’t her favorite thing.

July 31, 2021:

Paisley is 10 weeks old! Paisley is learning what it’s like to live the golden life. Even though Paisley has only been in my house for a little over a week she has already stolen my heart. She is the sweetest pup you will ever meet! Overall, Paisley is a pretty mellow pup. She loves to cuddle and be next to her foster mom. So far Paisley’s favorite thing to do is to cuddle with her foster sister, Edna.

Paisley is a pretty good listener. She hasn’t been super big on treats. We are still working on potty training and basic commands. Paisley is good about using puppy pads. If she is kept on a schedule she is pretty good about going outside. After all, she is a puppy. Paisley has not been around cats. However, she enjoys playing with her foster sister, Edna.

She has been around some children and did great with them! Paisley has sore back legs and a bite mark on her face. She came into foster care with these wounds but they don’t seem to slow her down. These wounds don’t seem to bother her. The vet said as she gets older her legs will get stronger and not to be worried about it. Paisley is learning how to walk on a leash but would rather be carried.

July 28, 2021:

Paisley is settling in at her foster home and is on some meds to help her out. We can’t wait to see how she does as she begins to feel better.