Dog ID: 22-076 | 5 Year old Female | Medium-High Energy | Good with Children

Medium-High Energy, Good with Children

October 3, 2022:

Pansy is a very tolerant and sweet dog. She has let me cut mats/burdock out of her coat, clean her ears and put in medication, brush her, cut her nails and give her a bath. She loves people and wants to be next to you and will put her paw on you demanding attention (we are working on that). Pansy does very well with kids. She has had exposure to five children and enjoyed being with them. She is a retired breeding dog that had her last litter about 9 weeks ago. This will also be her final litter. As soon as she can be spayed, she will be. She goes to the vet tomorrow for a check-up and some vaccinations.

I have not tested her with cats but shows interest in the outdoor one that roams around. She will need to have time to decompress before we get an idea on how she is with other dogs. When we are walking; she wants to chase cars.
She is already learning the command “back” for backing up and off for the pawing. She is quite strong and pulls on the leash. I tried a ‘No pull harness” and it did help a bit. I also tend to switch directions on her quite a bit so she has to follow me. She will need a fenced in yard. She is not house trained but has a gated area in the house and has kept it clean through the night. During the day, she is in an outdoor enclosure (previous owner stated she was not comfortable in the house) and keeps that clean too even though it is rather large. Basically, she will only go to the bathroom in the fenced in yard off leash. She does better being fed in the house. When I gave her food outside, she tried to bury it. In the house, she eats it.