Cody (Phil)

Dog ID: 22-036

August 24, 2022:

He is just the sweetest little boy, I’m so blessed to have him.
We are in our third week of obedience classes and are having some very good moments with that!!!
He is growing so fast , lost all his baby fur and teeth, and is a true adolescent

I want to thank all of you for letting Cody be a part of my family. He is so gentle and amazing with the grandkids, and not one person who has met him has not fallen in love with him!
He is definitely a very special little man!

Have an amazing week and once again, THANK YOU! 

June 27, 2022:

I can’t believe I’ve had this precious pup for a week now!!
Cody (Phil) is fitting in just perfect.
He is the sweetest little man🐾❣️

May 31, 2022:

Phil continues to do well in this multi-dog foster home. He is teething and learning what he can and cannot chew on! He can be redirected pretty easily but has also learned the word “no”. He walks well on a leash but working on not trying not to focus so much on chewing the leash. He is potty trained with a schedule. Phil loves being outdoors and would love to have a fenced in yard to explore. He also loves the company of another dog (or two) but not an absolute must for his new home. Phil is ready to look for his forever home.

May 11, 2022:

Phil is getting used to his foster home and has several friends to keep him busy.  He is going to the vet today so that he can get his vaccinations and begin to get out in the world.  He is such a cuddly bundle and eager to see and smell everything.