Pippi Jo

Dog ID: 21-068

March 14, 2022:

When we decided it was the right time to find Pippi Jo her forever home, there was still one last benchmark for her to reach…approaching to be petted. Her foster mom knew she was very close to reaching this goal, and felt she could do this best in her forever home. When she got to her new home, much to the surprise and pleasure of Foster mom, she went over to her new mom, sat down next to her, and stayed while allowing her new mom to pet her. Then she jumped up on the couch…both behaviors were a first and everyone broke into happy tears, including foster mom and forever mom and dad.

February 13, 2022:

We have had Pippi Jo for about 9 weeks. She has come a long way from the fearful of everything, unsocialized young dog we picked up in Minnesota. She has integrated into our home and lifestyle. Our mentor dog has been a great asset to help her adjust to living with us humans. She has learned quickly. She is housebroken, walks well on leash, comes to her name, understands when we even whisper” want to go for a walk?” or go for a ride. She still is timid with non-solicited petting. We work with her many times each day getting on the floor with her have her get comfortable with petting and just being next to us. She does follow me around everywhere and when I’m not looking, she will butt her nose into my leg, arm or back just to let me know she is there. She does still step back if you reach to pet her. We can sense she is really close to just letting go to embrace our touch. She did exceptionally well with being spayed. She never bothered her stiches or needed to wear a cone. She also tolerated being professionally groomed. Her muscle mass is now well-developed as she gets exercised with long walks every day.

We are working with our dog advocate to start the search for a forever home for her. We are confident she will be a wonderful pet for whomever takes her in the future. It has been rewarding to be able to give this little pup the care she needed to develop her own unique personality


December 17, 2021:

After 4 days Pippi Jo is settling into her foster home. She has attached herself to our resident dog Thunder. Wherever he is, she is very near. Thunder has taken her as his job to be sure she is well cared for. Pippi has learned how to walk on a leash along side of Thunder. She is starting to eat again. It’s been fun to watch her start to run around our home playing with toys acting like a puppy. She is coming closer to us, however not ready to be embrace us petting her. We allow her to progress at her own pace. She is improving and engaging more each day. We took her for a car ride and she jumped into the vehicle right after Thunder did. The last day or so her pacing around our home has lessoned and she has begun to actually lie down and rest especially after our long walks outside. She is a real sweet dog and her own personality is beginning to shine.

December 13, 2021:

Pippi Jo has just arrived at her new foster home and is settling in. More information to follow