Dog ID: 22-006

February 15, 2022:

PJ, now Teddy, is loving his new home. He is settling in with our other dogs and looks up to our 11 year old golden. Teddy went swimming for the first time and did amazing! He melts our hearts and I probably take way too many pictures but I can’t help it – he’s just so cute! He is doing great with training – he knows sit, stay, come, paw, leave it.

January 26, 2022:

PJ is doing amazing! We’ve had 2 nights he slept through the night in his crate and 2 days without an accident! He is working on sit, stay, come, paw, down, along with some others. He loves enrichment puzzles and kongs.

January 24, 2022:

We had another fun day together! Lots of walks and training. No accidents today! His leash walking is great for never having had a collar on before. We also did an enrichment puzzle which he had fun with!

January 23, 2022:

PJ had a great night! He also did very well for his first bath .He is good about going outside and we reward him immediately. We just got back from his first walk and he did great with the leash, especially for never having one before. More on this pups adventures in the future.