Dog ID: 22-032

October 25, 2022:

Poppy has been doing great! She’s fully integrated with the rest of the pack and loves to cuddle with dogs and humans alike. She loves to chase balls even though our other dog Tobie usually gets there first. Her preferred place to sleep is back to back with me, which will help with this winters heating bill!

October 20, 2022:

Poppy has been adopted! An update from her new family will be coming soon!
Adopted Sept. 6, 2022

May 29, 2022:

Poppy is doing really well! She’s totally opening up. She likes to cuddle and jumps right up on the couch if she sees someone sitting down to accomplish that! She is fascinated with watching TV and has started to find a huge love for human food. She tries to steal it off occupied plates!! It’s fun to see more of her troublemaker personality coming out! She really enjoys digging holes!

April 30, 2022:

Poppy is doing really well! She seems to be opening up quite a bit. She will often come out to rooms we are in and seek us out for pets. She’s exploring the yard a lot more and seems less annoyed to be bothered with Sage’s puppy playing! She loves going for walks and we’re slowly working on building up the length of the walks. She is relatively good on the leash, will occasionally do circles around you while walking but does not seem to be afraid of cars/bikes/people driving by. She met a big English mastiff we often pet sit and was initially afraid but learned to like her laid back personality quite fast. Her favorite spot in the house is a corner in our basement. She often takes some of Sage’s toys and her bowls back to the corner and we will find her piled with a collection of things. The peeing in the house has definitely slowed down. She will pee occasionally when scared and sometimes when she is getting pets it seems as if she is relaxed and pees a little – I think maybe from multiple litters her muscles might not be as tight as they once were. She has really started to open up with eating as well! At first she could go a whole day without eating. Now she’s consistently eating twice a day. The key is mixing in wet food with her dry food! She also had a breakthrough and ate a treat out of our hand. Turns out peanut butter toast is her weakness. She likes to make a lot of noise at night. Howling and running around the room we keep her in. We play her relaxing music and/or podcasts and that seems to calm her down a bit. 

April 12, 2022:

So far Poppy’s favorite activity is dumping her full bowl of water and carrying it around. More information to come