Dog ID: 23-004 | 4-Month Old Male | Low-Medium Energy | Good with Dogs | Good with Children

Low-Medium Energy, Good with Dogs, Good with Children

February 19, 2023:

Radar is starting to thin out but this is not from his daily walks with me. I will say little man is walking better and for longer durations however at around mile 1 he puts the brakes on and declares he is done. So we will continue to work on his endurance but meanwhile I should mention he loves to go for rides…in the new doggie stroller. As far as tricks he will sit upright with paws in the air when you tell him to sit pretty. He has roll over, sit and shake down pat. We are about 85% down with going potty with the potty command when we go outside. Radar believes anything he does is worthy of a treat and will run over to the jar randomly after he does something we praise him for. He loves his 10lb little brother Rigby and tug-of-war plays out a bit different as it’s more he pulls the little one around and almost shows him off from room to room. He can be a mischievous little guy if he wanders away from you in the house. Anything he can reach becomes fair game the good news is he doesn’t destroy anything it’s more I will slobber and love it and call it mine type of behavior.  At the end of the day he is a fun, curious puppy that believes he is a lap dog which we will soak up for now until his perfect home is found.

January 27, 2023:

Radar is a 3-month-old English Cream Golden Retriever that is a very handsome, fluffy little boy. He has a calm demeanor about him and is a big cuddle bug that loves all the attention he has been getting. Radar loves a run…to the food dish. Currently he is good on a leash with a harness but when little man is done, he’s done. This comes about 5-10 min out of the driveway and you will need to awkwardly carry the big fluff ball back home.

He has learned to sit, shake, lay down and roll over on command. Being the puppy that he is sometimes he runs through all of them when you ask him to do one…he’s an overachiever for sure. We are working on playing catch. The day Radar came to us he saw a tennis ball and instead of picking it up he decided to paw it around the house and that has really stuck with him.

He is crate trained and sleeps an average of 8 hours a night with no issues. He has been great with our small dog and we have socialized him with many other dogs of different sizes and ages and there is not a dog he doesn’t like. Short rides in the car make him sleepy,  just like a baby. He will curl up and sleep the whole time. Speaking of babies, we did have him around babies, toddlers and teenagers he does well with everyone, he is a lover.

He is working on his potty training and we are almost there with only a few accidents once in a while. He is food and treat motivated and very eager to listen and learn. It will be very hard for us to let him go, but we know there is a good family out there ready to love him and give him his forever home.