Dog ID: 14-052

July 9, 2021:

It was with great sadness that we helped Rex over the rainbow bridge on July 5th. Rex was an amazing dog! We were lucky enough to foster and then adopt this sweet boy at age 6. He was handsome, happy and full of love. He instantly became part of our family, and we fondly described him as “the best dog ever!” He would do anything for food and loved people beyond measure. We continued to foster with GRRoW and Rex happily shared his home and family with many more foster dogs through the years. Everyone that met Rex could see the happiness just oozing from his goofy grin, wagging tail, and head bumps for more pets. He would chase a tennis ball a couple times, but then refused to give it back and would lay down with it since we clearly didn’t understand he brought us the ball to keep. He loved walking around proudly with stuffed toys in his mouth…not so you could take it, just so you could look at it. And then give him ear scratches and pets. One of Rex’s favorite places was in the hatchback of Mom’s car. He could stay in the open trunk for hours, keeping an eye on all the neighbors that walked by, snoozing between keeping watch. A neighbor even made him “Rex’s bench” to help ease the climb in and out of the car. Rex lived to be 12 1/2 before cancer took his quality of life. We will forever remember his goofy grin, his gently spirit, and his unwavering love.