Dog ID: 21-005

March 11, 2022:

Rio (formerly River) has been in his new home for 6 days and we are all adjusting nicely!  We have him sleeping in his crate in our bedroom, he goes in easily with the command “go to bed!”  He settles down right away and sleeps throughout the night.  His first 2 nights here we had to take him out multiple times as he would whimper.  No potty accidents in the house and he is starting to let us know he needs to go out by sitting by the back door and whimpering softly.  He has not been left alone during the day yet as we have both been off this week so we could help him acclimate to his new home.  Soon we will start with short trips into town while he is crated, making sure he has time to get used to that. Neither of us feels like he is ready to be left at home, uncrated as his puppy behaviors are still very prevalent.  We have areas of the house gated off so he has no access to the second floor until he is older and I think his favorite part of the house is the large windows in the living room where he watches the neighborhood deer that come to our yard daily.  His attention span while watching them is amazing for a 5 1/2 month old.  His attention span while training is another story (LOL) he is clearly a young puppy then and is distracted easily but we keep plugging away at the basics for now.  He also loves the kitchen and we are working at having in the area with us but not physically in the kitchen because in true Golden Retriever fashion he like to lie down in the most inconvenient spot. Another work in progress!

We are thrilled to have him in our family and will keep you updated regularly!

February 19, 2022:

Although I wouldn’t describe him as high energy, he does have some stamina, he does not nap much during the day, not like other puppies I’ve had that need frequent naps. He’s pretty quiet in the xtra large crate at night, ( he doesn’t like the smaller crate at all) but I did get up with him once overnight at 2:30 to let him out but then he does go back to sleep, he’s a good boy. I have been feeding him in the crate as well, he’s not used to that, but it’s helping him like the crate a little more, and he does go in willingly now. He’s going to make some lucky family that’s been waiting a while very happy. Everyone at my house is pretty much in love with him. Good thing I am not in the market!

River has had a wonderful first week in foster care. His housebreaking is coming along nicely, and he is learning to think of the crate as a positive experience. He feels more comfortable in an extra large crate vs a large one. He sits politely for treats and food and is learning positive things happen when he keeps his 4 feet on the floor! He was 50 lbs today at his 5 month vet visit, he’s going to be one big, beautiful boy! The vet staff fell in love with him immediately because he lays down and rolls over for belly rubs! He gets along great with my two young dogs, wrestles with them and shares toys nicely. He’s also a good listener when my two oldies want to be left alone. He’s not as nervous riding in the car anymore.
There is one thing though that his future family needs to know. He’s not perfect! He has VERY stinky dog farts when he is nervous ! He will be ready to look for his forever home very soon.

February 14, 2022:

River slept quietly the first night in his crate, until morning when he went outside to do his business. River is loving the freedom of the fenced yard and is starting to romp around. He loves toys, is very cuddly and wants to be a lap dog despite his size. We are working on training with typical puppy behaviors. River is a very good boy, a typical, big, clumsy, adorable pup.

February 12, 2022:

River had a long but exciting adventure coming into GRRoW today. He is getting settled into his foster home and we can’t wait to see how he does with all his foster brothers and sisters.