Dog ID: 22-010 | 2-3 Year old Female | Medium Energy | Good with Dogs | Good with Cats

Medium Energy, Good with Most Dogs, Good with Cats

February 26, 2023:

Happy one year “discovery day” to River 22-010! Look at the difference in this sweet girl. 

River was a stray who was live trapped in the woods outside a small town in the Driftless area of western Wisconsin. It was one year ago today that a local woman first saw River in those woods and took the first photos of her. She began feeding River as she searched for an owner and eventually connected with a stray/lost dog trapping team. She was first captured on camera on 05-Mar. It took until April 8, 2022, to successfully trap River. She was covered in ticks, every inch of her fur was matted, even the length of her legs, and she had Lyme disease and kidney malfunction as a complication of Lyme, weighed only 43 pounds, and was terrified of everyone and everything. She is still scared of strange people but loves to run and zoom in the snow and play with her foster brother, Bruno.

December 11, 2022:

Pretty River loves running at a private dog park with her foster brother! So many good smells, snow to dig and roll in, and no unknown people or dogs to frighten her. These are good, happy outings for River, but most of her days aren’t like this.

River has been in foster care with GRRoW for almost six months, after volunteer trappers spent weeks patiently working to live trap her in western Wisconsin. For the past few months River and her foster mom have been working with a trainer to help her learn how to live more confidently in the world. Slowly, slowly, River’s fears are being conquered— she happily takes treats from her foster mom now and loves to explore nature trails on a long line, nose to the ground. Some noises aren’t quite as scary now, but unfamiliar people and dogs still trigger her fear and her big bark. Training currently involves volunteers visiting the house for short periods of time, sitting quietly with no eye contact while River tries to relax on the other side of the room.

This beautiful girl has made so much progress–keep watching her as she blossoms.

October 25, 2022:

It has been six months since River was live-trapped and began life as an indoor dog. She has gained 12 pounds and her coat has grown in thick and silky. She is a beautiful dog!

River has been working with her foster mom and a trainer for several weeks and is making steady progress toward becoming a more confident dog. She loves her decompression walks on nature trails, wearing a long leash that allows her more freedom and choice. River’s body language continues to relax and become more fluid. She has learned hand targeting and is perfecting a U-turn command which will allow her to be easily redirected away from situations that frighten her. River will occasionally get the zoomies on leash, fun to watch but sometimes requiring fancy footwork by everyone to avoid entanglements!

August 25, 2022:

River recently had an evaluation with a trainer to help with her fear of people. Her training program will be ongoing, but implementing a few simple changes in her routine has already made a big difference in River’s confidence!

Her favorite new thing is a daily decompression sniffari walk in nature. She takes the lead, choosing when to stop and smell the roses–or rabbit scent–when to roll in the grass or lounge, when to amble. She also loves to chase little frogs and pounce on grasshoppers — River is starting to enjoy her life! Another new development has been River’s willingness to take treats directly from her foster mom’s hand; previously treats had to be placed on the ground or floor and no eye contact could be made. Watch this space for more achievements from this pretty girl!

August 7, 2022:

Slowly, but surely, River continues to come out of her shell. She is learning to take treats from her foster mom; learning to walk with a harness rather than straining against her collar; learning that she can sit quietly while her foster mom is talking with another human; learning that snuggles are good and so is playtime. In the past week River and her foster mom visited the home of a friend; she was a bit scared, but also curious. River also accepted toenail trimming with no fuss, and, best of all, now asks when she needs to go outside!

River can be a bit mischievous with her canine foster brother–a favorite trick is to take one of his toys and sit on it or hide it in their sand pit in the yard. Next week River will be evaluated by a trainer who will help us work with her fear of unfamiliar people. Stay tuned!

July 20, 2022:

River is a beautiful young mix who is slowly learning that humans will keep her safe and loved. She was spotted as a stray in March 2022, eventually trapped by a dedicated group of people, and taken to an area shelter. Shelter staff realized River’s need for a quiet, patient home and placed her with a foster volunteer. After being treated for Lyme and then spayed, River was transferred to GRRoW, but continues to live with her original foster. She enjoys playing in the yard with her canine foster brother, lounging in the sun, and snuggling with her foster mom. She is still very shy and fearful, but we look forward to seeing her blossom with love, patience, and time.

July 7, 2022:

Welcome to GRRoW, River! More information to come soon on this pretty girl!