Archie (formerly Roko)

Dog ID: 22-037

August 14, 2022:

Archie (formerly Roko ) has found his forever home!! He has settled in over the past few weeks and has an older dog brother named Bodhi. Since becoming part of his new family he has been on many adventures and is loving life. Archie has been to the dog park where he has met new friends, goes on walks, swims in the lake, and went mountain bike riding this past weekend with his family. He loves going up North to the cabin with all the fun things to do like jumping off the dock. After a long day of fun he enjoys taking a well deserved nap!!! He is loved and happy.

June 4, 2022:

We have been fostering Roko for a week now and he has settled in quite well. He did an amazing job at his first vet appointment. He loves to play with our other foster named Beau. Beau is like his big brother and doesn’t like to be separated from him. He sleeps well in a crate beside our bed and has gone the whole night without an accident. Roko has two light color spots over his shoulder blades so we call them his angel wings. He likes to snuggle, is sweet and is very curious about everything. He will be looking for his forever home soon!!!

May 29, 2022:

Roko is new in foster care. More information will follow.