Dog ID: 22-068

October 20, 2022:

I am so grateful Roland was brought into my life. He has only been here for less than a week but is already settled in and definitely part of the family. Everyone adores him, he’s come so far from the shy little pup we picked up Friday. It’s so fun watching him discover new things such as trying to eat the leaves that fall off the trees and trying to chase them down the street on our walks through the park. it is fun watching how his mind works, he is a hoot.

Thanks GRROW for rescuing him and his sisters. He is such a great boy! I’m so thankful for all you have done for him.

Adopted October 14, 2022

September 23, 2022:

Roland is a honey of a pupper.  He just arrived, so we’re still learning about him. So far, he’s been a mellow, chill kind of guy who likes to play and loves to snuggle. Roland had a bath and didn’t mind. He did some exploring but mostly he cried. I picked him up and we snuggled in the lounge chair. Both of us fell asleep with his two foster sisters snoozing nearby. It was lovely.  

Happiness is a warm puppy–Charles Schulz