Dog ID: 22-012

March 26, 2022:

Moosty (aka Rome) has settled into the family nicely. We have a routine down. He’s able to walk well now with the gentle leader. I swear he has grown again overnight. He has a big appetite. His neutering wound is completely gone. Moosty is really smart and eager to please. We are still working on manners (play barking). He is getting better at it every day. We play a lot of ball and tug and love to cuddle with him on the couch after play time. He is such a sweet boy. We all love him very much and look forward to watching him grow into an adult. He is such a good boy.

March 19, 2022:

Rome has been adopted! Happy trails, buddy—we look forward to hearing about your new life!

March 3, 2022:

Rome’s first days in GRRoW have been busy. He has been enjoying romps in the fenced yard and has discovered the squishy pleasures of spring mud! He is learning leash manners but so far does not enjoy leash walks very much. His foster family is working to get Rome accustomed to wearing a Gentle Leader which will make walks more pleasant for everyone. Rome had his wellness check with vaccinations soon after arrival and his foster family learned that he will be a big boy when he finishes growing! He was neutered this week and is recovering but will not be able to romp in the mud for several days. And he’s scheduled for a visit to the groomer once he has healed from his “snip”. Rome has also learned that snuffle mats are fun and rewarding! Yum! Rome sleeps quietly in his crate overnight, with his foster siblings nearby.

Rome has met the cat in his foster home and really wasn’t interested, so we believe he will easily accept a cat in his forever home. He gets along well with the resident dogs but does like to invite play by barking at them—something else we are working on with training. Rome also enjoys barking out the window at squirrels, at clouds, at nothing! He is a big puppy, with puppy behaviors!

February 20, 2022:

Welcome Rome! Rome is settling into his foster home. He is a very sweet, cute pup, making himself right at home. He had fun exploring and playing ball in the fenced yard and quickly made friends with the resident dogs, before enjoying his dinner. A trip to the groomer and the veterinarian are on his agenda in the coming days. Rome will also need to be neutered before he is ready for adoption.