Dog ID: 22-057

October 3, 2022:

Ronin loves to cuddle and show affection to anyone who will give him a belly rub. He is still getting used to other dogs but loves to play with them once he is comfortable. He likes to keep watch on the backyard and keeps a pile of his favorite sticks. He is so photogenic – sometimes we think he is actually saying “cheese” for us! He is not a fan of the water quite yet, but likes to watch the waves at the lake near our house when we go on walks. He is very smart and knows to sit by the door when he has to go potty and has learned the command “sit”! He is joyful and has brought so much love to mine and my family’s life.
Adopted Sept.  9, 2022

August 26, 2022:

Ronin just recently arrived in foster care. The cuteness factor is off the charts. this is what his foster mom has to say:

Ronin is really getting used to our home and likes to follow me around the yard! Ronin LOVES his food and is very interested in the food bowl even when there’s no food in there! He went for his first walk today, and did phenomenal! I was so impressed. He just trotted by my side around the neighborhood. We didn’t see any dogs or other people, so it was very easy to stay on track! Ronin had a good night’s sleep in his crate and woke up at 5am to go potty, but fell back asleep until 7am! He is very cuddly and likes to be in my lap. It’s safe to say we love him already!