Rose Olivia

Dog ID: 22-050 | 1.5 Year old Female | Medium Energy | Good with Most Dogs

Medium Energy, Good with Most Dogs

September 7, 2022:

Hi everyone! It is Rose here, once again. I know it has been a little bit since my last update. Things at my foster home have been going really well. I have learned that if you sit, you get yummy things, like watermelon or a piece of banana. I always am the first one to sit, so I get the yummy treat first. Before I had surgery on my leg, we were going on longer walks, each time we walked we went just a little but further. My foster mom continues to praise me because I am getting better walking on a lead. I still look back from time to time to make sure she is with me. I have a good appetite and my vet says I am pretty close to my best weight. I continue to learn things from my foster sisters, like sharing toys and playing in the sprinkler. My foster mom gets overjoyed watching me learn how to be a dog.

As I mentioned above, I did have to have surgery on my leg for a hyper extended carpal. Surgery went well and I am now on the road to recovery. It will take some time to fully recover. Walks around the neighborhood are on hold for a while, and when we do go outside, I have to be on a short leash so I don’t run or jump. This is not easy for me, because I love to play with my sisters and have zoomies in the yard. Mom will walk me around the yard for little walks.

I will also be celebrating my birthday in a couple weeks. I am hearing that I may get a special treat, wonder what that will be?

July 29, 2022:
This is Rose. She is a part-time snuggle bug and part-time sassy pants. In other words, perfect.

July 7, 2022:
Hi everyone, Rose here. Thought I would give everyone an update on how things are going. I have been in my foster home for a about 2 weeks now and I am really learning how to be a dog. I will go in the yard and play with my foster sisters, we run around mom’s pergola until we are tired. My foster mom is always saying what a fast runner I am. I am also learning how to empty out the toy bin. The toys that are here are fun to play with. We are working on basic commands too, like sit and down. We have done a couple walks in the yard; soon we will head out on longer walks during the evening when it is cooler. My foster mom bought me a cute harness that has roses on it for our walks. I am still a little unsure of it. I also have put on some weight too. Oh, and I have found my voice too, I have a little deeper howling bark. Please stay tuned to watch my progress.
June 19, 2022:
Hello everyone, my name is Rose and I have had a long journey to get to my foster home.  I had a pretty good night’s  sleep and was ready to face the day.  
I am still a little scared of new things and new noises, but with the help of all my foster sisters and parents I think I will be good. They are slowly teaching me new things, like balls and playing with my foster sisters.   I know I have to put on a few pounds, but that will come slowly as I get used to my new life.    Stay tuned everyone, to see how I do!