Dog ID: 22-063

November 29, 2022:

Some dogs are quick to crawl into our hearts. Rudy had a wonderful start in life. His high energy, though, limits where he can be. Today Rudy became part of our family, along with three other Golden’s, a bunch a cats and horses. He is a really smart boy and plays hard all day outside. I fostered him while caring for someone medically and Rudy showed how sweet and sensitive he can be. I am working on training him to do some therapy work, which he seems suited for as long as he has a long play session first. Rudy no longer needs any medication. He sure does love his soft toys though, like his favorite pillow. He carries it everywhere as he starts to get tired and lies his head on it for a nap. Thank you GRRoW for helping Golden’s across our state. Rudy is loved by so many!

Adopted November 7, 2022

September 10, 2022:

Rudy has adjusted very well to life on the farm. He has now met the entire family of humans, cats, dogs and horses. It’s like living in a dog park all day long. The night he arrived he paced and paced and carried his security toy. After a day of running, jumping and playing he settled into his crate and slept peacefully all night long. Rudy doesn’t leave my side. He needs to learn jumping is not allowed, certain furniture is off limits, and that usually cats don’t want to play. He plays with his toys in the house and barks anytime he sees a horse or cat move outside. He has two foster big brothers and a sister to teach him the rules. Rudy visits the vet soon and hopefully can be weaned off his medication. He is HIGH energy with a bit of puppy still in his heart. Today he turned 1 year old. Happy Birthday Rudy!