Dog ID: 22-022

April 16, 2022:

Ryder joined his forever family today. Have a great life, buddy!

April 10, 2022:

Ryder is growing into a happy go-lucky dog. He loves to run and play in the yard with his canine foster siblings. He steals all the toys from the toy box every day…but does not pick up after himself! Puzzle toys are a good diversion, but Ryder can get a bit vocal when he is ready for attention from the family. He is changing from a chubby puppy to a leggier, leaner juvenile. Ryder is comfortable in his crate and will often choose to curl up there for a bit of a rest. He is ready for his forever family and will be a wonderful companion.

March 16, 2022:

Welcome to GRRoW, Ryder! This sweet puppy is doing well in his foster home, enjoying his human foster siblings and lots of snuggles. Ryder is very active and likes to play hide and seek with the kids and has fearlessly mastered stairs. He met and mostly ignored the barn cat yesterday, and the cat mostly ignored him.

At twelve weeks Ryder is pushing his boundaries a bit, like any toddler, trying to see what he can or cannot get away with, but with training and guidance he will become a wonderful companion. Ryder has found his voice and likes to use it! He does not like being out of sight of his foster family right now. He is quiet in his crate at night and working on house training skills. And so, the puppy training begins!

A visit with the vet is on Ryder’s schedule this week and he should be ready to meet his forever family shortly afterward