Dog ID: 22-067

December  3, 2022:

Sadie joined our family in October, and she has been an incredible addition to the household.

Initially shy and unsure about her new home, she continues to become more confident every day. Our curious girl is moving freely around the house and is always interested in trying new things, exploring new areas, and stealing stray socks from our laundry basket. Sadie is especially fond of belly rubs, couch snuggles, chasing her favorite tennis ball around the house, and seeing the neighborhood (while finding the best possible stick to carry on the walk!). With her beautiful coloring and a prance in her step she turns heads and enjoys compliments from others on a regular basis.

We are completely over the moon with our little Sadie and cannot thank GRRoW enough for rescuing her! Please keep up the important work!

October 22, 2022: 

Sadie has found her family!  Watch for an update! 

September 22, 2022:

Welcome Sadie! This Goldendoodle puppy is beginning to open up to her foster family, after a very shy start. Sadie‘s coloring is just striking, right down to her two different eyes. We look forward to watching her blossom!