Dog ID: 22-007

February 17, 2022:

Sage is doing great! We kept her name since she was already responding to it so well! She started puppy classes last weekend and everyone loved her. She was on her best behavior so she could get extra treats.

She loves being outside and has learned that any time she hits the bells she can go out, the one downside to using them for potty training! She has gone 13 days with only having one accident in the house- and it was when we were visiting another persons house and she didn’t have the bells.

Her adult teeth are growing in and I have noticed her being more mouthy because of this. We redirect her to chew toys and have been doing frozen bananas and ice cube as treats to help with the pain- she loves them! We are so glad that GRRoW gave us the chance for her to come into our lives.

January 26, 2022:

Sage had a good day. She seems to still be getting more use to her crate, going in on her own multiple times today. She knows “sit” and we’re working on “lay down”.

She got to meet another dog today after getting the clear at the vet. They enjoyed playing in the fresh snow. She would just chase her around and bite at whatever she could reach to get her to play. 

We had one potty accident today. We have been letting her out every hour and anytime I see her pacing I let her out to try to prevent accidents. 

She seems to have sit and lay down perfected. Today we started to work on stay. We say crate and throw in a treat when she goes in, but I’m not sure she has associated that as a command yet.

We had no potty accidents today!! We got her door bells and are starting to teach her them. I have noticed that she seems to go to the door when needing to go out, so I’ve taken that as her cue most of today and that seemed to work. Still about every hour outside unless she is napping.

I went to work for the first time since having her and she had no separation. She had one caught pee accident today, she was in a room she hadn’t been in much so I think that may be why.

She got to spend a lot of the day playing with a friend’s dog. They dog is a year old so she has lots of energy to wrestle still which is just what Sage wanted. 

We are noticing that she is quite the counter surfer. We tell her down and reward her when she sits nicely instead.

January 23, 2022:

Sage had a good day today. Still having some pee accidents in the house even with being taken out every hour but she has only been with us one day so we are working on this behavior.

She rode in the car to the vet to drop off her fecal sample. She wined a lot at first but settled down to sleep in the back seat after a few minutes. We worked on crate training and good association today, and I caught her going in her crate on her own a few times!