Dog ID: 21-054

November 23, 2021:

Sandy here, I have been in my new home with my bonded sister Sasha for over a week. My Mom calls me Beefcakes because I am a big girl. I love my big fenced in yard. I have other fur brothers to play with. Sometimes I don’t understand why they get in my face to play but I am ok with it because they are special being blind and deaf and that’s the way they tell me they want to play. I think I am a lap dog and always need to be close but because I am a big girl I don’t fit on a lap but I still get plenty of love. I sleep on a soft dog bed and I have my own blanket a nice lady made for me. Me and my sister Sasha are so happy that GRROW made sure we stayed together.

November 12, 2021:

Sandy was adopted with her buddy, Sasha. She had a good breakfast and is ready to learn all the new sights and sounds and get settled in her new home

October 10, 2021:

Sandy is bonded with Sasha (21-053). Sandy settled in quite quickly and quickly learned when treat time is. She has taken over the dog bed in the dining room and with her size could almost use a people bed. She lets the other dogs lay on it in the daytime, but it’s definitely her choice for night. She also discovered the couch a couple of times, we noticed. How could you not notice?

One night Sandy was sleeping, and she started licking the carpet. We weren’t sure if she was channeling Alex dreaming about Marty being a steak from Madagascar. 

Just like her sister, Sandy went to the vet. She is being treated for an ear infection. She also needs to have a dental. We are switching her food and giving her fish oil. She is 8 and has arthritis, so we started her on glucosamine, and she’s on pain meds to help.

It took a day for Sandy to want to eat and like Sasha, was finally convinced with Magical Dinner Dust. Firmly reacquainted with food she no longer needs the MDD and eats enthusiastically. She loves pumpkin and has enjoyed green beans and broccoli. We’ll try some more vegetables during her stay with us.