Dog ID: 21-053

January 3, 2022:

Today we said our final Goodbye to Sasha Marie. We adopted her and her bonded sister Sandy in November. Immediately they settled in and were happy and very much loved. Sadly, Sasha started to decline on New Year’s Eve Day, and we nursed her through the weekend then took her to the vet early this morning. She declined rapidly and was sent over the rainbow bridge. We along with Sandy kissed her and said our final goodbye. Sasha was full of spunk, was very stubborn, loved to explore every inch of the yard and always had to be close to her humans and sister Sandy. She had the most beautiful chocolate brown dark eyes and had the sweetest personality. We wish we had more time with her and will miss her a lot but happy that she had a family that loved her until the end.

Mike and Heidi & Sandy Too

November 23, 2021:

Sasha here, I have been in my new home along with my bonded sister Sandy for over a week but it seems like we lived here a lot longer. We settled in nicely and we have other fur siblings to play with in a big fenced in backyard. I love to explore everything and my Mom says I am good hunter sniffing every corner in the yard. Inside I love to curl up and rest my sore joints on one of many soft beds. I even got my very own blanket a nice lady made just for me when I got adopted by my new family. During the day my new Mom works at home but her job seems boring so I just nap until it’s break time and wait by the door for Dad to come home.

November 12, 2021:

Sasha was adopted with her buddy, Sandy. She had a good breakfast and is ready to learn all the new sights and sounds and get settled in her new home

October 27, 2021:

Sasha is bonded with Sandy, 21-054. She is settling in and getting used to our routine. She made herself at home on the couch. She likes to sleep in the bedroom with us during the night. Sasha is very inquisitive and likes to exploring, sniffing in, and hanging out in our backyard. She has met the neighbors and some people working on their house. She reminds us so much of a hug magnet we used to know.

A visit to the vet is one of the first things foster dogs experience. Sasha is being treated for an ear infection. She is 12 and has arthritis in her hips and knees, so we started her on glucosamine. The vet prescribed pain medicine to help with this too. Sasha also has allergies. To help with them, we are switching her food, adding fish oil and coconut oil to her diet, and the vet prescribed Apoquel®. The former will take a little time to show if they are working, but Apoquel started to work within hours. It took a day for Sasha to eat, finally convinced with the help of Magical Dinner Dust. We started adding vegetables to her food. She may not be a fan of pumpkin, but gives the Yums Up! to green beans and broccoli so far.

October 18, 2021:

Sasha came into GRRoW with her bonded sister and is getting the hang of her new surroundings. The next few days will be for her to chill and be introduced to the resident dogs.