Dog ID: 22-062

October 26, 2022:

This lil pup moved into our home as a foster named Scarlett who quickly earned the nickname Little. She is just a tiny thing weighing in at 18 pounds at her 4-month checkup. She loves to eat and will do anything for a treat, she has new commands down in minutes making it so fun to train with her, and challenges me to come up with new things to teach her. After having Little for a while and trying to pinpoint the perfect home, we decided as a family we just couldn’t let her go, we’re her perfect family. She quickly became a part of our routine and a favorite foster of our kids. So, Scarlett is now Zoe(and still often called Little) and has become a family member. She has a big brother, Gus, who was also a rescue, and is learning from him how to be a good dog. We’re excited to take Zoe on all kinds of adventures and be with us for a very long time to come and learn to be a foster sibling for GRROW someday too!

Adoption Date: October 12, 2022

August 26, 2022:

Scarlett is doing so well learning all about the world around her. She loves to explore the yard outside and is doing well learning to be on a leash.

She’s incredibly smart and eager to learn, she’s mastered sit and down. She’s a great eater and has no issues with a busy household. She loves to play chase with her foster brother and loves to chew crunchy toys. She does a few stairs at a time but still depends on her humans to go up and down a full staircase.

She is doing great nightly in her crate and takes some voluntary naps in there during the day too.

August 22, 2022:

Let’s give a warm welcome to Scarlett! This beauty is brand new to GRRoW. Her foster home reports that she did great her first night—slept in her crate for the majority, took a few potty breaks, then right back to bed. She’s a playful pup and loves toys! She is a good eater and takes her time. Scarlett has already mastered the stairs. Watch for more to come.